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Twin Seagulls

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

The oddest thing I saw on Catalina Island was a pair of seagulls that always stood next to each other and vocalized in sync with each other. When they opened their mouths, it was such a perfect unison that you could only tell they were both doing it when they occasionally slipped out of phase. The result was a long, continuous seagull call. I saw them on several occasions throughout the day. One time, they were both walking down the pier side by side, with their heads bowed down, wings slightly open, emitting the SAME whining noise and making the SAME moves. How were they so perfectly coordinated?! I am still baffled by it.


Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Skull of a 20-24 year-old woman.

Yesterday my mom and I went to an archeological lecture about an excavation in Domuztepe, Turkey, given by Dr. Elizabeth Carter. Her main focus was a mysterious burial site, fondly referred to as the Death Pit.

The Death Pit was believed to be a result of a ritual performed over the course of a week or two in around 6500 B.C., which involved killing, feasting on, and burying the bones of numerous animals and humans. Evidence suggested that the killings and butcherings were performed in a systematic fashion, and the feasting involved cannibalism. About 9000 bones were excavated, a third of which belonged to animals, a third of which belonged to humans (totaling 36 humans that were related to each other), and a third of which was unidentified.

The human killings were performed by bludgeoning the heads with a blunt object, as evidenced by fractures and gaping holes in the excavated skulls. Some of the humans were decapitated, and many of them were of prime age (adolescents or in their twenties or thirties). The apparent “value” of these citizens leads the archeologists to believe that this ritual’s purpose was to make a sacrificial offering.

The more I heard about the findings, the more morbidly curious I became about this strange society from 8000 years ago. For instance, one image was the skeleton of a decapitated 6-year-old and the skull of a pig near where his head should have been. There were also pottery and figurines that featured headless humans. What the heck were they doing over there?! It is so ridiculous that we will never know. I’ve often wondered what kinds of things future archeologists would be baffled by from our time.

Reading up on it later, I found this Open Context Page for Domuztepe, which displays most of the artifacts that were found in the excavation project. The image above is the skull of a 20-24 year-old woman that I found on the site.

I’ll be selling knives soon!

Friday, June 25th, 2004

Today I had to miss my Chinese class to go to training for Vector Marketing. I’ll be missing class tomorrow, too, but I’ll be studying my butt off nonetheless. I’m excited and scared about starting work. I hope it’ll be fun?

The language lab at the community college is awesome! It’s a computer lab and stuff… yeah. I like it. Monday morning I’m gonna go to tutoring and see what it’s like. For some reason, I’m really passionate about learning this material really well. I get psyched as I learn more and more.

It seems like I will be working very hard in the next 5 weeks or so.. I might barely have time to have free time, but I’m arranging it that way. Otherwise I tend to get way too depressed way too quickly (as this was what happened in the past month).

Today, I was walking past a bus, and just when the bus took off, a guy poked his head out of the window, stared right into my eyes, and yelled, “F*ck you!”


Friday, June 18th, 2004

Today I biked to Reed’s house, which was about 30 blocks away from mine. From there we took the bus to the promenade, and some crazy guy who was grunting and talking to himself got in and sat straight across from us. He was holding his bus card and seemed quite angry with it. Reed and I were trying to look like we were talking each other and acting normally, to drown out the awkwardness of the man’s talking to himself. At some point, he held his bus card up and yelled with a raspy, grunt-like voice, “What is this?… Ink!” He seemed rather disgusted with this discovery. He continued to rant about it to himself. When we got off the bus, Reed immediately did a very accurate impersonation of it and my sudden laughter caused a very violent pang in my sides and I had to crouch down in the middle of the sidewalk to laugh because it hurt too much. Tears of joy were aplenty. He sounded, as Reed had said, as if “ink is the bane of his existence.” Throughout the day, we had occasional outbursts of yelling, “INK!” and I laughed every time.

Also, there was this homeless lady at McDonald’s who walked around and talked to herself with a creepy voice. It was really low and.. weird. Reed was like, “Whoa, did you hear those overtones? She’s like a Tuvan throat singer! They should put her on stage.” Again, I laughed and cried. I was anticipating that Reed would make me laugh this hard, so I hadn’t neglected to put a pack of tissues in my purse before I left the house. The only other person who comes close to making me laugh this hard is Steven.

Sunday, May 16th, 2004

Yesterday, I went to my choir director Bill’s condo for an end-of-semester lunch with the choir. We had very good pizza, and Sam and I had to go get some more pizza because we ran out. We all sat around in a circle and talked about choir among other things; Bill’s place was very tastefully decorated.. I was impressed!

After that, when I got back to MIT, I saw that Tulasi was about to cross the street with me. She was going to the Starbucks in Newbury street to study for her finals, so I decided to join her. It was a nice change in scenery. I found out that Tulasi showers three times a day, and she admits that it is weird. Our conversations also consisted of numerous “your mom” jokes that not many other people can understand. When we got back, I studied some more and then went to a Chorallaries concert (coed a cappella). They were cool as well! Thankfully this concert was only 1.5 hours long as opposed to the Logs concert, which was 2.5 hours! Chorallaries didn’t have guests (Logs invited the Muses – all female a cappella group – to sing a few songs in their concert) and a half-hour video/movie thing!

THEN, I spent a large portion of the night getting bummed about not being able to start studying again. This always happens to me. What is wrong with me? Anyway, I’m gonna go study now. after taking a shower.


Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Thursday night I decided to take a break from my math homework due the next day, and lied down on my bed. The next thing I know, it was morning! Good thing I magically woke up a little early so I could finish it up (it was a whole page of problems). So yesterday was a very good day. I went outside and it was wonderful out. I wasn’t going to shower, but when I saw everyone had taken their flip-flops out of their closet, I took a quick shower, wore a spring-y outfit with my yellow flip-flops, and spent the rest of the day all clean and stylish. Things were good. I’m going to get a job as an archiver for the school paper, so yesterday I got some training from Lisa.

Last night I went out to dinner at Harvard with a friend. There was a punk guy who was angrily walking down the sidewalk in our direction, and he kicked a bike which flipped over a bench. Then, just when he was walking past me, he snapped at someone, “What are YOU looking at?!” At first i thought he said it to me but he hadn’t. I was scared! Kind of.

Today I woke up at 2:00.

Badger Badger Badger

Friday, January 23rd, 2004

Badger Badger Badger

Friday, January 23rd, 2004

This song is sooo cool. It’s sorta my kinda thing…. Haha sometimes.


Monday, January 12th, 2004

I dreamt that a pigeon accidentally poked its eye out when it turned on the shower and the showerhead was on the massage setting. It was sooo sad I was about to cry.

I also dreamt that Broodstar was dead. I dreamt a lot of things, but not all of them were bad. For example, I was swimming in the ocean. And at one point I was flying over the ocean and saw a shark and an alligator. I also dreamt that two families were having a duel.. and Cassie tried to climb onto the roof to watch it better. One girl died.. Sally was carrying her already cremated remains in a guitar case.

Yeah but that’s not all. Who cares.

Friday, December 26th, 2003

It’s so fun translating my site to Turkish. I just translated the sentence, “Do you ever wanna be fat cuz you are so wicked that you wanna turn yourself into a fat piece of meat?”