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Monday, May 20th, 2002

I was just reading over what I’d written here yesterday, and man.. it does wonders to just get something out. Maybe it’s the result of bottling up more emotions, but the feelings go away after you express them.

Después de escribir ayer, paró de pensar de ti. No hay nada para hacer sobre la situación, y lo sí, pero a veces es difícil no pensar.. Lo siento, pero no puedo controlar mis pensamientos. Tengo que odiarte; sé que eres una muy buena persona, muy inteligente, amable, creativa, y mucho más, pero si no te odio, me gustas, aunque no me caigas bien. Es un poco extraño. No te preocupes – estoy mejorándome. Bueno, no vas a preocuparte porque probablemente no lees mi blog, y si lo leyeras, no comprenderías esto tampoco. ¡Jajaja!

Spanish is so cool, I’m going to write in Spanish occasionally. For those of you who don’t understand this, I’m really sorry. It’s not like I’m trying to exclude you from a big secret here. It’s just nothing but a bunch of random ramblings.

Sunday, May 19th, 2002

Recherche Google: droopy e-card, Google Search: choir folders

No te odio hoy, y a mí no me gusta ningún muchacho en este momento. Sigo pensando en ti. He pensado en ti por todo el día. Es que a mí no me gusta que no nos hablemos. No sé lo que piensas (¿se usa el subjuntivo aquí? hmm). ¿No me hablas porque me odias, o porque nunca piensas en mí, o porque no hay nada para decir? ¿O me vas a decir que todo esto sólamente está en mi mente? Tal vez sí, pero no me gusta sentirme así. Sé que tengo que aceptar que siempre voy a sentirme así – nunca vamos a hablar otra vez, porque cuandoquiera hablemos, algo extraño ocurre en nuestros corazones – generalmente sentimos el odio, el amor, la tristeza, la confusión, y la extrañeza en el mismo tiempo.

Los que no comprenden nada de eso – ¡lo siento! Es que tuve ganas de escribir en español. Asisto a la clase del español AP pero nunca hablo ni escribo ni leo en español afuera de clase.

Thursday, May 9th, 2002

Yahoo! Search Results for Memorizing the Presidents, Google Search: procrastination/time management, Google Search: Memorizing presidents, Yahoo! Canada Search Results for history of nailpolish.

Wow. This is so fun to look at. I feel like I’m butting in on people’s lives. It’s really fun to look at the keywords that lead to my site. Then I go to those pages and read the little blurb taken from my page with the searched words bolded, and try to guess why people would want to click there. It’s like entertainment, only better.

Anyway, I might as well write stuff here instead of babble on about search engines all the time. Today I took my first AP test of the year – Spanish! It took WAY too long and I wanted to just get out of there, but I guess I missed an entire day of school (but also choir, grr) and they ordered us pizza! How nice of them! Anyway, it was of moderate difficulty, and I have no idea how I did. The only thing I remember about it is that there was this passage about this guy and a monkey and it was sort of hard. I was too scared to omit too many questions, so I wonder if I should have omitted more. Oh well. The essay was easy, but halfway through I noticed how dumb I was sounding and what I was saying wasn’t really making sense (well, grammatically it was). Oh well, it was of average quality. I wish we could find out what they give on the essays.. oh well. Then came the speaking part. I was soo nervous for some reason, and was trembling and everything. First we had to tell a story about a sequence of six pictures in two minutes. Regularly I don’t get to talk about all of the six because I run out of time (and that is bad), but today I actually talked about all of them, and my talking wasn’t that bad. There weren’t too many long pauses and giggling, like that one day in which I couldn’t stop laughing and had no idea what to say. In fact, it was a better talking than usual. I haven’t talked in Spanish for so long, and whenever I tried, it was bad. I guess it was just the adrenaline rush. Then there were the five short questions, where you talk for 20 seconds and move on to the next question. The topic was movies, and since I don’t watch movies a lot and don’t really have an opinion on most things, I stuttered, trying to find something to say. Yeah, it wasn’t as good as the six-picture story one, but at least it wasn’t a complete failure.

Then I trembled for a while afterwards.

Today, the guys and I played QuakeIII on the computer, then when I was idly walking around during 6th period, I heard screaming from Gaida’s room so I went in there and played Tron with Garrett, Mr. Gaida, and Sean. It was very fun because I beat all of them at the beginning, but then I got really bad, and then they kicked me off because Kazim came. Oh well!!

Jazz Choir was canceled today because Cindy is sick. 🙁 Wah! While we were waiting for her, I was so hyper and I was making Tom, Megan, and Lawson laugh hysterically. Then Tom took off his shirt to wear another one because he was hot.

….yes, today was a good day. Hehehe. HEHEHE.

Yes! I love hanging out with Garrett and Tom.. but never together. It just never turns out to be that way. Yay Garrett! Yay Tom! And yay Lawson, he’s so nice! *sits there and snickers*

Friday, March 22nd, 2002

Haha! I had a dream that these people made me talk about a vegetable, like squash or zucchini or something like that, and I started talking about it in Spanish, and they told me to do it in English, so I felt embarrassed and started again but switched back to Spanish again. I tried a couple more times but I failed. *grin* It wasn’t pleasant. But yay I’m trilingual now! Because my last year’s Spanish teacher used to say that if you dream in another language, then you know it well and are considered bilingual (trilingual in my case).

Thursday, March 21st, 2002

Ohhh what a day. I found out this thing during 5th period I should have found out, like, last night. How come nobody tells me these things? Do they not know that I care?! I mean, I’m spewing all this hatred crap all the time here but it’s all bullshit! You should know that! It’s, like, implied that I care about all you guys. I just say I don’t.

Yes, I love every single one of you. To that person I was ignoring for a while.. I’m sorry. It’s just that you really pissed me off exactly a week ago.

Wow, I had a lot to say, but now I have nothing. I’m sort of thrown off by what I found out today. Its effect is wearing off on me right now, but it was quite shocking. For the past few hours all I’ve been doing was imagining all my friends dying left and right. Actually, just one of them. Up until today, I didn’t think I would feel THIS bad about it, but it turns out that I do. I guess I just don’t know myself. I also hate how I’m biased towards people for no reason. Like, I’ll care for one person more than others just because. I don’t know. Just don’t be friends with me and you won’t have these problems.

I’ve had a lot of timed writings lately. I had one in English on Monday, and I think I aced it.. I’m looking forward to the day she’ll give us our papers back. We have another timed writing on Friday. And today, we had one in Spanish and it was a fun one. We had to talk about why our life had to have a sense of humor in it. I think I was in a crazy mood, because I made some wacky metaphors. It was quite humorous and I guess it fit the tone of the piece, hehe. My favorite sentence: “El sentido de humor es como el queso en una deliciosa ensalada de César, pero si hay demasiado, no se puede probar la lechuga.” Translation: “A sense of humor is like cheese on a delicious Caesar salad, but if there’s too much of it you can’t taste the lettuce.” Of course, the salad’s supposed to represent life, but I think he got that.

So apparently I also made up words, like injustio (supposed to be injusticia) and sadístico (supposed to be sádico). Aww!! And I thought I was being all smart. Ah well, I’ll get a 9, as always. There usually isn’t the pressure of getting a 9 in Spanish timed writings for me. Sure, content is important, but if you say what you’re thinking in correct grammar, that’s almost all they look for. We had to write one on what we would change about our school if we were the district superintendent, and all I kept repeating was, “I don’t know what I’d do, I’d take suggestions.” At the end I added that I would also hate my job and have a depressed life. I got a 9- because I didn’t really like the prompt so I was bitching about it in my head, which is why I got careless and made a lot of stupid errors. Hehe.

Sunday, February 10th, 2002

Computers are so cute. 🙂

Also, this is my favorite Spanish dictionary, just in case you were wondering… cuz it’s cool because it’s a Spanish-Spanish dictionary and I can actually understand it! It also tells you how to conjugate it (for example, it says “se conj. como coger” so you know it’s me encojo instead of.. like.. encogo or something, hah). Its English-Spanish isn’t too good though, so for that I use this one. Anyway, that is all. Bye.

Friday, January 25th, 2002

There are two different postures I use while practicing the piano. There’s the performing posture, where I’m sitting up, my legs uncrossed, and I look all elegant.. then there’s the practicing posture — this horrendous, overexaggerated slouching, with my legs crossed and my foot tucked behind my ankle. I probably look like a retarded twisted tree branch, but that’s how it’s worked best for me ever since I started playing piano again a year and a month ago.

Also, whenever one of my hands has this very wild and crazy part, I always watch the other hand. Sometimes I try looking at the hand that’s doing the crazy stuff, but that freaks me out and really throws me off. And if I can’t play two hands at the same time, I practice them separately without looking at them.. I play the part while staring at a wall until I get it. Then, I play both hands while looking up at the ceiling.. slow at first, then normal tempo. For some strange reason, it works. I guess it’s all about conditioning your hand muscles until your brain goes on auto-pilot. I know that I can’t really be expressive with my music until I memorize it and play the mechanics perfectly.

If there’s a big jump in the right hand, I glance in the direction of the key and take mental aim.. and I don’t actually look at my hand while it’s going there, because there’s usually stuff I need to watch the left hand doing. I never miss it. On the other hand, if I think, “Yeah, I guess I sort of have a feel for the distance my hand has to jump,” and don’t actually take aim before hitting it, I always get it wrong. Ironically, my left hand always knows exactly where to go. Even while I’m sightreading.. I just guess a note and it happens to be the right one.

Haha. Yeah. How my brain works while I play.

Oh, I hate it SO much when I can’t concentrate while playing! Sometimes I just go on auto-pilot and think about something else, and most of the time the dynamics all go to hell. Or if I’m really used to doing the dynamics, they’re there but they don’t sound too expressive. Then, when I get to a slightly harder part, I think, “Oh no! I zoned out again!” and sometimes lose my place and freak out. So then I start from the beginning again, thinking, “Okay, I’m not going to think about other stuff, because whenever I think of this particular person/thing, I mess up. Ack!! I lost my concentration AT THE SAME EXACT SPOT! In fact, I just noticed I haven’t been thinking of the music at all since I’ve started playing it over!” So yeah. Playing isn’t very fun when you’re actually not putting yourself in it. Besides, you mess up and that makes you mad. At least, it makes me mad. But I’m a weirdo anyway.

That was fun to write. Today, our Spanish final was to talk for about 1-2 minutes about a topic the teacher gave us. At first I freaked out and I thought I was gonna fail horribly, but everyone did fine and the teacher made me go up last, and when I got up there I noticed that it wasn’t so bad after all — that I actually CAN talk Spanish on the spot! Wow!

I have so many books accumulated to read, stuff to learn, to do, to compeuse, and so many things to discover. Like, I keep on buying all these books, even though I don’t READ books. I just had an epiphany: I think I’m trying to get rid of my online addiction first. It’s coming along, slowly but surely.. I think. I don’t know. I should try harder. I want to do so much. I hate being this lazy. Right now, I’m motivated about things, but not really. Like.. this week is going very weirdly. I have these sudden mood swings that really throw me off my tracks… they keep me from really wanting to do anything. And whenever I’m inspired, I have to push the feeling back because I have to study.

Well, my mom just came in and told me to get offline to study. Great, so getting over the addiction isn’t working out so well. But I’m not online on AIM while writing this, so it’s an improvement. Besides — this is like a journal entry. Some things I just have to write, because later on I forget. An artist’s way of thinking. Artists generally aren’t extremely academically successful anyway. I don’t know which I’d rather have. Can’t I have both?

Saturday, December 1st, 2001

Yaaay! I compeused and it took me about two hours! I wrote a song, this time.. with percussion and guitars like promised. I’m not a good lyrics person so I just stole a little Spanish poem I’d found from this random place. It’s nice. Unfortunately, when I uploaded it, the computer played the guitar parts as piano, but eh.. I guess that’s okay. Whatever. It sounds nice with guitars though. Yaaay! I feel so happy now. Hehehe. I’m going to wait for a few days until I put it up, though. I did too much updating today.

Hey everyone! I love you!

Sunday, November 4th, 2001

¡Está lloviendo!

.. it’s raining!

YAAAY! It’s so happy. Now I’m listening to Atlanta and the sound of rain. But.. um.. yeah.. I need to start doing homework pretty soon. Grr. I hate this! Stupid un-motivation. It kills me. It’ll be my downfall in life!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2001

Hi.. I took the SATII test today.. Spanish with Listening.. man. It wasn’t too bad.. I hope I get a high score! *crosses her fingers*

Okay, now that that’s over, I’m gonna have to do some SERIOUS work.. like read two books in two weeks and do other stuff, like the rest of my homework.

I want to compose midi stuff, but I guess that’ll have to wait until later.

That’s it for now. Nothing is too exciting at the moment.