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Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

Oh, and guess what.. yesterday at JPL, Garrett accidentally broke a piece of aerogel (the least dense solid in the world). It feels like styrofoam, but it’s really light. The glass display case wasn’t locked or anything, so we kept opening it and poking it.. and Gaida was touching it while Kazim was holding the lid, then Garrett poked it and a piece broke off the end of the L! (They’d made three blocks of aerogel that said JPL.) Then everyone (including Gaida) ran away giggling and laughing hysterically. It’s so sad. This is the school that won.

Our B Team was the loudest and most obnoxious team ever.. who would have thought that we could have gotten so far, into 5th place? Hehe!

Man… it must be sad, though, to prepare for a competition for a year and not get 1st place. Hopefully we’ll win again next year too.. I really really hope we do.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

Man! I’m going to bed right now!! I am soo tired, since I’ve been awake since like 5:30 this morning.


A Team got 1st place and B Team got 5th place!! (Yeah, we thought we’d do much worse, but 5th place is really good! We were the best B team that participated!) Wow!!! I knew our A Team guys would make it! They weren’t even defeated once. They won all the rounds! Oh they are so great! But in the last few minutes the only thing that would determine who won was a couple of points, and Jeff saved the day by buzzing in right before time was called, so they got the 4 points, then they did the bonus and as soon as Kazim said, “sixteen?” into the microphone, the game was over and everyone was cheering. Our A Team got sweatshirts and everything, and we got goodie bags. We also got lots of pictures taken.. it was really cute. Yaay Science Bowl! Man!! I wanna participate again! (Well.. I will, but next year. Grr.) Then we went to eat and we were there for like three hours, and it was all very sciency bonding and stuff and I was happy. Now I’m dying of fatigue and I think I’m going to bed.

I can’t believe our school got first place! That is so cool!! They’re going to Washington D.C.!! *gets really excited*

As for me, I’m proud of some of the answers I gave. If I hadn’t sleepily glanced over my notes last night, I wouldn’t have gotten the question where they asked which organism had two pairs of legs on each part of its body (millipede – but of course it didn’t say “two pairs of legs per section,” it was a scientific name or whatever). Haha. And the sour cherry question. Man! I’m so happy!!

So no homework has been done yet.. I’ll have to sort all that out tomorrow.. grr. Tomorrow’s one of those homework days again.

Saturday, March 2nd, 2002

Science Bowl is tomorrow! And all I have memorized so far are a few enzymes. Grr! Yeah, after going through my daily routine of checking blogs, I’m gonna try and memorize some more stuff, but I have to go to bed early so I don’t know how this studying thing is gonna work out.

It must be really cool to make something like Diesel Sweeties. It’ just so cool!! Like.. yeah! I love how he does different expressions for everyone and sometimes puts in a guest character there… like in today’s comic. Haha! *grins* They’re just so cute! I also think that Stephen Miller looks a lot like Indie Rock Pete (the guy in the top right of the page where it says New Shirt: “Jesus Helps Me Trick People”). Like… it’s scary.

Friday, March 1st, 2002

Grr. I was planning on memorizing the whole packet tonight and memorizing stuff on my own tomorrow night, but that seems unlikely; however, I’ve finished memorizing all the enzymes! I suspect that I might have memorized every single piece of information Gaida has typed up for me, but we’ll find that out tomorrow when I get people to quiz me.. it’s fresh in my mind right now (although the word I’m having the most trouble with is Rhizobium, the species of bacteria which does nitrogen fixation in the root nodules of legumes). Nitrosomona makes nitrite, and Nitrobacter makes nitrate, yeah baby. Chem knowledge rules! Now I have a great appreciation of bio! Let me see if I’ve memorized these words.. oxaloacetate.. acetaldehyde.. *looks them up* .. good! *feels good* But I think I memorized Rhizobium by now too. BIO KICKS BUTT. Today I am so happy. Why didn’t I think of studying bio before?! Now, whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll just whip out my notes from last year and study them, mwahahahah! Alright, so maybe that’s just a bit dorky. *cough* But some enzymes scare me because some are produced in the pancreas and the others in the small intestine.. and enterokinase is a weird little thing which activates trypsin (from trypsinogen), and then trypsin turns procarboxypeptidase into carboxypeptidase (which removes amino acids one at a time from its carboxyl terminus) and chymotrypsinogen into trypsinogen. Although I don’t quite get the function of peptidyl transferase.. I think he worded it a bit wrongly so I’ll just ask him tomorrow. And I also don’t get splicesomes. Grr.

Sorry for throwing out all these weird names at you. I’m just trying to make you as happy as I am right now!! Hehe j/k.. But I’m not really bragging.. or maybe I am. You decide, because I don’t care. Tis my blog and I can write about whatever I want! Besides, it helps me learn, believe it or not.

Besides, geez, maybe there’s SOMEone out there who’s interested!

Friday, March 1st, 2002

Yaaay! I just memorized all of the energy cycles in, like, half an hour! It took me hours to memorize them last year!! I guess it was also because of the AP pressure and I had to know everything and explain it well. But Science Bowl is better (even though there’s pressure), because there are just one word answers. On the other hand, there’s more risk there and you need to know everything 100% because you can’t BS your way through like you do in the AP. *grin*

Yaaahh! So now I’m taking a small dinner break, and then I’m going to memorize some biochemicals.. namely, a list of antibodies, enzymes, proteins, and other goodliness. OMG! I’m so happy. I would right now write out all the steps of photosynthesis and respiration (I swear I would), but I suspect that not many people would understand or get it. AP Bio pride!!!!!

*rushes to eat*

Saturday, February 16th, 2002

So yeah, I’m in Team B in Science Bowl for sure! (Gaida finally decided who would be on the teams.) Yay! I don’t need to worry anymore! I hope Team B gets to go to the competition.

Woop woop. Today, my piano teacher and I played together the 1st page of the two-piano thing Jocelyn and I will be playing! Omg! IT SOUNDS SO COOL! YAY BACH! *dies* YAAAAY. *hops around, excited* Man, I want to go practice it right now. I will after I finish writing this.

So I’m going to Café Samo again tonight, with Aimee. It’s gonna be soo good, even though I think it’s gonna be the same acts. Yeah! Yeah! Hell yeah!

My e-mail program is so funny. It scans e-mails and rates it from one to three chili peppers if it’s obscene. It’s so funny, because it highlights, as I type e-mails myself, words that could be offensive. Usually when I use cuss words, or even words such as “sucks” it adds a chili pepper. Today, I wrote the phrase “stalk you” in an e-mail and it automatically put three chili peppers! Haha, it’s so funny. It makes me laugh and is amusing. Yay Eudora!

Oy, I’m tired. An exciting and fun three-day weekend awaits me (hopefully..)! But Aimee will be gone and that’s sad. 🙁 Oh well!!

Saturday, February 9th, 2002

Woop woop! Yesterday was really great.. sorry, I was too sleepy to expand on my happiness last night.

So, in the morning Mr. Rhodes had posted who had gotten into Jazz Choir and I was on the list! Yeah! That is the 16 most talented people in the choral program.. I’m so happy! My audition had gone pretty badly (and no, I’m not exaggerating at all), and I was sure that I wouldn’t get in.. and that was sad because I’d really wanted to. I guess Mr. Rhodes told her I was good or something, heh. 🙂

So then, math was fun. There’s nothing much to say about that.. Then came choir, which was really funny. We started singing the Rhythm of Life and Max threw down his folder, swung the door open, and ran out with his arms in the air, screaming. It was quite hilarious. There were other witty things, but the only thing I remember is when Mr. Rhodes said he didn’t want Mel Gibson. And guess what! We’re singing “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid for our spring concert!! It’s gonna be soo fun! *giddy* See, I forgot to say all this in our choir blog last night.. sorry. I’ll add them on later. *grin*

What else? Oh yes, in chem we did a RasMol lab, but nobody had time to finish, so Jacob found a site where we could download it and finish it at home. 🙂 (Because nobody wants to actually come in during lunch or after school to finish it up.) It’s so cool, actually! Chem is cool.

And in Spanish we just did some AP practice again.. those are always fun. Tralala.. oh!! Damn it, I’m writing all this insignificant stuff, but I should get onto the good stuff now..

I’ve managed to stay in Science Bowl’s B team, although I was lazy and didn’t study at all. So yesterday the science teams from another school came over and we had a ‘scrimmage.’ It was a very fun experience, and I got quite a few questions.. I’m proud.. heh. 🙂 Our team A beat the other school’s team A’s booty in the 1st round (by a 100 points) and lost the second time (by 2 points!). Our B team lost twice and won once… at least we didn’t fail completely. *grin* Garrett is so funny, though! He’s just this childish ball of energy all the time.. it’s so cute! *grin*

Speaking of balls of energy, today was the first night of Café Samo! an Evening of Student Performances. The other night is next Friday, and I’m going to that one also. All the student acts were so great! Especially the T-Tones, but I won’t get into that quite yet because some people haven’t gone yet. *grins* But it was an awesome spectacular, and my voice is hoarse from screaming all night (choir guys are sexy). Mr. Rhodes was also quite funny. In between acts he dressed up in various choir outfits to advertise choir gear sale and the whole thing was just adorable. *smiles*

Oh!! Mr. Rhodes also told me that my All-State music has arrived!! This afternoon I was thinking, “Wow, I’m in a lot of things.. especially Jazz Choir! Life would be absolutely perfect if only I got my All-State music!” and I did! Sometimes I can’t believe how many choir things I am. I mean, I guess I’m more talented than I thought.. All-State Honor Choir two years in a row, Madrigals, and now Jazz Choir too. Oh well, nonetheless, I’m trying to keep the ego to a low. Better than being an arrogant diva bitch.

Thursday, February 7th, 2002

Today was sprinkled with bursts of success. In my English class, I got the highest multiple choice score on the practice AP we took. I got the understudy of a small solo in choir and I’m singing the solo tonight (with a quartet) because the girl who actually got the solo is in the other choir, so she’s not going to the thing we’re going tonight. Anyway.. that’s not too important. In Science Bowl I scored some major points today and that made me happy. So I’m sort of giddy with that now. Umm, so there’s nothing else to say. I’m starting to spend too much time online again! I shall put an end to that… some day. 🙂

Friday, December 14th, 2001

Yay… I just found out today that I was chosen to participate in Science Bowl! But the list is temporary and subject to change, and that worries me a bit. Well, yeah. We have a practice competition with another high school tomorrow, and I sure hope I don’t screw up too badly. Hehe.

Today I wore my choir shirt and choir hoodie with zipper, and I am content. Today in choir we didn’t sing at all. All we did was talk. Well, at some point we vocalized, and were going to begin our sightreading practices but that plan backfired because we just kept on talking. Tomorrow we have a concert at a church, and after that I think we’re all going out to dinner.. 🙂 Should be fun.

There’s nothing much to report.. I drew something yesterday, but it’s incomplete. I’m debating about whether I should finish it or just put it up the way it is. I might finish it, maybe. We’ll see. Probably not tonight.

That’s it for now.. see you later.

Thursday, June 21st, 2001

Yay, I memorized the elements and their symbols for my chem quiz today.. (only 51 elements, though.) Took the test to get into Acadeca next year.. our school’s competition team, it’s offered as a course next year and we get credit for other classes. I hope I get in.. the general knowledge part was hard (I didn’t answer most of it.. but it’s supposed to be like that), but I rocked on the memory testing part. Besides, they look at grades and stuff, too. I hope I get in. I’ll find out towards the end of next week.

Aw.. Robert left. *cries*

Last night I talked to Aimee for hours about choir. Yeah, we do that a lot. Our conversation consisted of inside jokes only. Funny stuff.