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Systematic Music Discovery II

Friday, November 26th, 2010

This is a continuation of this post, where I talk about my recent methods of music discovery and accumulation. I had mentioned that I wanted to expand my jazz collection and that I would post my findings later. I posted that back in February, but at least I’m sticking to my promise!

I consolidated all of my lists (Shazam, my notebook, Nabbit, tobedownloaded.txt) and selected the following for acquisition:

  • Chick Corea – The Hilltop
  • Brad Mehldau – Everything In Its Right Place
  • Miles Davis – The Pan Piper
  • Roy Haynes – Greensleeves
  • Cannonball Adderley & Milt Jackson – Serves Me Right
  • The Jay D’Amico Trio – M.L. Warmup
  • Don Braden & Mark Rapp – A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
  • Tony Lakatos, Al Foster, George Mraz & Kirk Lightsy – Donkey Dust
  • Rob Thorsen – Milagro Cafe

I’ve been listening to KKJZ for months during my commute to and from work, and the fact that this list is slim goes to show how picky I’ve been. Each of the above pieces either grabbed at me with a catchy tune, a good dissonant section, a clever interpretation, an interesting texture, etc. I’m not sure what this “jazz” playlist will grow up to be, but we’ll see.

Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

Today I saw Catch Me If You Can, and it was really cool. I wore my new coat today, and yeah I bet this is very exciting to read.

So, I learned my jazz piece today, and I’ll go over it tomorrow and hopefully I’ll know it pretty well. I’m really excited about Jazz Choir this semester, like who’s gonna be in it, and are we actually going to be better than last semester? (Most likely, yes.)

Grrr. I need to sleep now.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2002

sing low sing clear sweet words in my ear

not a whisper of despair but love’s own care

sing on until you bring back the thrill

of a sentimental tune that died too soon

our harmony was lost but you forgave I forgot

whisper not of quarrels past

you know we’ve had our last

so now we’ll be in tune constantly

love will linger on eternally

Thursday, April 18th, 2002

In order to get Pupperville out of my head, I listened to the All Your Base Are Belong to Us song. Now both are stuck in my head and I’m going insane.

I’d just like to add that I’ve listened to all the Pupperville songs twice, and am addicted. Yeah, I was on the phone with Aimee and I was talking like her. Like.. “This song is stuck in my head! *high pitched opera voice* in my head..!” etc. Hehe. But it was cool, because then I went to the piano, and I wasn’t playing the Bach too well today, so I turned a Bach piece into jazz and made mini compositions and played the Pupperville song on the piano. Quality time. I would have written stuff down but I was too lazy to find my staff paper. Ah well.

Tomorrow I’m gonna play the Pupperville song to scare Tom away. Actually, I’ll play it next Monday during the break at Jazz Choir, and he’ll be like, “Oh no!” Then cry. Hehe, j/k.

Thursday, February 21st, 2002

Had I shown you guys this link? It’s really cool and I look at it every day, because people post artistic photographs of people in it. It’s really nice to look at human faces, and the colors, and like.. how everybody looks so beautiful.

Jazz was fun today! We’re called The Blue Notes from now on. IT IS SO FUN. OMG. No more comments on that.

While I was singing today, I noticed that in Jazz, the chords really don’t make sense, but when you put them together, it just SOUNDS nice. Last year I’d composed something that sounded like a real piece of crap, but I was fond of it, somehow. It was rhythmic, but even though the chords weren’t especially pretty and tonal, it had a nice feeling to it. Now I think that it might be classified as music after all, and maybe I’ll do something with it. And if I’m not too lazy, I’ll find the piece of staff paper I’d neatly copied it onto, and make it into a midi file.

Don’t you hate tests that you thought were cake, but then everybody else says that it was really difficult? There are usually two possible outcomes: either you aced it, or you totally missed the point and failed it. I don’t see how I could have possibly failed my math test today.. there is just no way. Every thing I did made sense and I knew what I was doing. But we’ll just see, huh? Gr though, Mrs. Rubin grades slowly. I don’t like waiting for test scores!

I have no homework today. I know, I’m telling everyone this, and even though it’s nice, sometimes I rather like having homework, just to keep me busy. Although I guess I have stuff to do tonight, like practice piano before it gets too late. I really need to nail my part of the Bach duet for the spring recital. That’d be the last thing I’d want to slack off on.

Thursday, February 14th, 2002

Hi! So tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, eh?

Grr! I so don’t want to do my English homework! It’s a Valentine’s Day found poem, and we’re going to use a non-English textbook as the source! Vat ze hell! People who are taking U.S. History are lucky! Well, I’ll try and whip something up from my chem book. Hehehe.

So we started our Jazz Choir repertoire today, and man is it cool! Yaay! Yay choir! Oh, and I’m going to stop calling it Jazz Choir soon because I think the new name will be Vocal Hijinx (but the votes were really close so we’re voting again next week). Other than that, it was a pretty straightforward day.. Oh!! I got a 39/39 on an organic chemistry quiz! Yes! YES!! Does this mean I don’t get to study tonight? Bahaha, I wish. Well actually, I don’t think there’s much to study — all I have to do is to look up what stereoisomers are. O-chem rocks. I wish we never stopped learning it!

Okay, so the pair of shoes I tossed in the bleach yesterday is now light yellow-green.. which is certainly a better color than what it used to be.

I remember last year around these times, I was deathly sick so I didn’t have time to make valentines. In fact, I remember sometimes I got so dizzy at school that I couldn’t walk in a straight line. Fun times! *smiles* That’s all I have to say for now. Goodbye!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

Hi. Life has changed overnight (literally!) for me! I guess it’s a good change. My parents finally had it with me and my dad deleted AIM off my computer forever! I’m glad somebody broke the cycle, because I just couldn’t get myself to. I’m not too traumatized about it now, since I’d been getting myself used to the idea that being online sucks and is depressing anyway. So not only that, but I also downloaded new software so I’ll become a whole new person! Hah! Cuz Netscape decided to freak out on me too.. So I installed Eudora and downloaded this new web browser named iCab, but damn it, it’s driving me friggin insane! It is SO SLOW.. and it’s supposed to be “super fast”.. gr. Where do I find these silly things. But now I feel bad cuz I don’t want to throw it out because it’s cute and user friendly and has such cute settings. We’ll see how it goes. If it loads one webpage in 10 minutes like it did today, I am definitely not keeping it, mon.

Other than that, our first Jazz Choir rehearsal was today after school! It was very exciting! We didn’t get new music yet (we will next Wednesday) but we got in a big circle and sang improvisations! At first I was freaked out about it, I was like “omg vat ze hell I’ve never done that before and people are gonna laugh at me because mine will be just a stupid little melody-like thing and it won’t even sound like jazz!” but it turned out not-so-bad. The people there are amazing, though.. and it’s such a small class that the teacher already knows our names. 🙂 It’s such a warm and comfortable atmosphere. And guess what, it’s a college course!

Haha, and Zack, Jesse’s little brother, is soo funny. “I don’t know what my future goals are.. I’m struggling with puberty right now as it is.” Haha! Emil calls him “young’un” and random people yell out, “Kill the freshman!” when he makes obnoxious comments. *grin*

I had no homework tonight, how amazing is that? I know. I’m going to bed early though, I woke up at 3:30 and the sad part is that the teacher didn’t even collect the English. But look on the bright side — I didn’t have to do anything tonight!

So I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Life rules! 😀 (Hah, let’s hear you say that on Valentine’s Day, Melike.)

J/k… It won’t be that bad. I don’t know what I’m going to feel this year. I guess we’ll just see!

Saturday, February 9th, 2002

Woop woop! Yesterday was really great.. sorry, I was too sleepy to expand on my happiness last night.

So, in the morning Mr. Rhodes had posted who had gotten into Jazz Choir and I was on the list! Yeah! That is the 16 most talented people in the choral program.. I’m so happy! My audition had gone pretty badly (and no, I’m not exaggerating at all), and I was sure that I wouldn’t get in.. and that was sad because I’d really wanted to. I guess Mr. Rhodes told her I was good or something, heh. 🙂

So then, math was fun. There’s nothing much to say about that.. Then came choir, which was really funny. We started singing the Rhythm of Life and Max threw down his folder, swung the door open, and ran out with his arms in the air, screaming. It was quite hilarious. There were other witty things, but the only thing I remember is when Mr. Rhodes said he didn’t want Mel Gibson. And guess what! We’re singing “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid for our spring concert!! It’s gonna be soo fun! *giddy* See, I forgot to say all this in our choir blog last night.. sorry. I’ll add them on later. *grin*

What else? Oh yes, in chem we did a RasMol lab, but nobody had time to finish, so Jacob found a site where we could download it and finish it at home. 🙂 (Because nobody wants to actually come in during lunch or after school to finish it up.) It’s so cool, actually! Chem is cool.

And in Spanish we just did some AP practice again.. those are always fun. Tralala.. oh!! Damn it, I’m writing all this insignificant stuff, but I should get onto the good stuff now..

I’ve managed to stay in Science Bowl’s B team, although I was lazy and didn’t study at all. So yesterday the science teams from another school came over and we had a ‘scrimmage.’ It was a very fun experience, and I got quite a few questions.. I’m proud.. heh. 🙂 Our team A beat the other school’s team A’s booty in the 1st round (by a 100 points) and lost the second time (by 2 points!). Our B team lost twice and won once… at least we didn’t fail completely. *grin* Garrett is so funny, though! He’s just this childish ball of energy all the time.. it’s so cute! *grin*

Speaking of balls of energy, today was the first night of Café Samo! an Evening of Student Performances. The other night is next Friday, and I’m going to that one also. All the student acts were so great! Especially the T-Tones, but I won’t get into that quite yet because some people haven’t gone yet. *grins* But it was an awesome spectacular, and my voice is hoarse from screaming all night (choir guys are sexy). Mr. Rhodes was also quite funny. In between acts he dressed up in various choir outfits to advertise choir gear sale and the whole thing was just adorable. *smiles*

Oh!! Mr. Rhodes also told me that my All-State music has arrived!! This afternoon I was thinking, “Wow, I’m in a lot of things.. especially Jazz Choir! Life would be absolutely perfect if only I got my All-State music!” and I did! Sometimes I can’t believe how many choir things I am. I mean, I guess I’m more talented than I thought.. All-State Honor Choir two years in a row, Madrigals, and now Jazz Choir too. Oh well, nonetheless, I’m trying to keep the ego to a low. Better than being an arrogant diva bitch.

Saturday, February 9th, 2002

I got into Jazz Choir!!

Sunday, May 27th, 2001

Agh!! Our cable was gone for over a day and we just got it back a few hours ago. So I finally got to check my mail (and there wasn’t any, because my mailbox was full!) and now I’m about to go back to doing my math project. My printer is finally fixed! Its print quality is good as new again. There’s so much to do! But I’m just procrastinating.. but I’m going back to work now, I swear. I need to start on that poster. Grr. I’ll also add a few more things to the biography and stuff.. I’m not that scared of this project, actually, heehee.

I’m listening to a CD I’d bought a long time ago but didn’t listen to until yesterday.. It’s called Take Bach featuring the Turkish twin piano players Güher and Süher Pekinel.. It’s so cool because they turned a few Bach pieces into jazz… I really like it. Yay Bach!

Okay, better get to the math project now, see ya!