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Friday, January 16th, 2004

Our Java crash course is going so fast! In four days I learned just about everything I’d learned in that UCLA course I’d taken back in 11th grade.. it was kind of a review for me, very fun. Next week we’re gonna do GUI stuff which we hadn’t really covered all that well in the UCLA class so I’m excited.

Anyway we have three optional problem sets, and in the end we’re going to have a program that draws fractals. Last night I programmed a Point, and today I’m programming an object called GeomVector.. I’m writing methods on how to add/subtract, do dot product, find the magnitude, etc. It’s sooo fun!! It’s kind of easy but it’s still pretty awesome.

Monday, June 24th, 2002

I finished my Java project! WELCOME, SUMMER!

Thursday, June 20th, 2002

Yes, I feel loads better because I have until the 29th to finish my java project (but I know I won’t procrastinate this time because I have so much time that I might as well do it soon). I’m so happy that I finally finished the final though.

Anyway, last night Aimee and I were talking about the Flintstones and the Jetsons and I remembered how romantic I thought George and Jane were. *sighs* Man! They really were romantic. My romance role models! But now Cartoon Network doesn’t show those old cartoons much. It’s all about the new stuff. I loved watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons and Looney Tunes. I was obsessed, man!

Also, Aimee makes the *coolest* Barney Rubble impression. She says, “Hey.. Fred!” Haha! Yay Aimee! I’m gonna go watch cartoons now.

Thursday, June 20th, 2002

Jes!! I’ve finished my Java final!

Wednesday, May 8th, 2002

Yahoo! Search Results for sayings about getting high from drugs…and on drugs!!lol and Google Search: pictures from september 11 devil’s face.

Have you noticed that my blog is usually displayed on the first page of search engine results? That is amazing, and I don’t know what I did to rank that high, but it’s getting me entertainingly random hits every day. It’s so interesting. It’s nice to have an almost 1.5-year-old blog with a huge store of random words coming from my head and people coincidentally stumbling upon them. I feel.. important!

I’m really starting to like Java, and I hope I can start the homework earlier than Sunday this week. That would decrease my stress level significantly.. as if I have that much stress. But that’s not too good, huh? One needs a little bit of stress in life to succeed.. which proves the low levels of success I currently have.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2002

Google Search: summery of the count of monte cristo

Hehe. Good thing that I didn’t misspell ‘summary’ in my blog and the word was actually used correctly. I think it’s funny that sometimes people misspell a word that they see very often. Well, at least I think it’s funny. Ohh, I sound so mean now.

Anyway, I am sexy today. My hair has, for some reason, dried really well and is big and wavy and gorgeous. And there’s nothing else to look at anyway.. 😛 j/k.

Tomorrow is the AP test for Spanish! I’m so.. er.. excited. Hehe. Well, I’m not too scared about it, since I’ve gotten 5s on all of the practices. What I am scared of is the chemistry. Yeah. Perhaps (hopefully) I’ll get a 4 on it.

Anyway, Java is fun and it brings me joy. I just stress about it too much. It’s funny, because I’m not stressing out about anything else right now (well, except math). I’ll try and work on that.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2002


Monday, April 22nd, 2002

Yaay, I’m done with the chem lab and it’s perfect (it’s about Boyle’s Law, and there’s no way in hell it could have any mistakes in it). Phew.

Now I’ll look at Java for about fifteen minutes, then go to bed. I feel better about it now. I like Java, just not when I can’t do anything with it and stare blankly and cuss at the screen for hours.

Actually, I’m far from doing my homework well, but I feel better because the teacher replies with detailed answers and they help.. sometimes. *grin* So yeah, I’m going to work on it a bit more so that I can e-mail him some more questions tonight and get answers by tomorrow when I come from school so I can quickly get to work.

Anyway, while I usually get around 10 hits to my blog in a day, today I got 43, which surprised me quite a bit. I wonder what could have happened. I’m just assuming that some insane person reloaded the page over and over again today. That’s what I always think when I get too many hits.

Monday, April 22nd, 2002

Okay. So time to start the chem lab. I think I’m done with Java for today. Grr. Maybe I’ll do some more after I do the lab. But grr, it makes me so mad! Which? Chem lab or Java? Well, both! So there.

In other good news, I’ve moved all of my documents over to this computer! Now, when I have time, I’ll organize them all and do purdylicious stuff with my sites and everything again. And I’ll finish that midi file I never finished compeusing! But first I will have to figure out Java. Grrr. But the teacher is really cool. HE IS SO COOL! I e-mail him a million questions and he writes back long answers and does all he can do help. It’s so cool. I hope I won’t ask too many questions in the future, or he’s stuck with me and my thunderstorms of e-mails for 8 more weeks.

Okay, yay chem.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

Yay, we finally got to see our Java teacher! He’s a really cool guy, and he explains stuff in a really clear way. I wish he had been here the first few lessons so he’d get us acquainted with it better. Anyway, now I’m all inspired to program and stuff! Okay, I’d better get to bed now though.

Oo omg! Last night, at around 1:30 (right before going to bed), I saw Miller and Urie (ew is that how you spell it? it looks wrong) on the Discovery Channel, and they were demonstrating how organic compounds were first formed! They like electrocuted this thing, it was so awesome. Then these things accumulated on the sides of the flask, and they looked at them under the microscope and they were like little cells! Only, they were actually phospholipid bilayers, and they were so cute! Just little circles with nothing in them. But the phospholipid bilayer is an awesome kickass thing. *gets excited about bio all over again*