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Tuesday, August 21st, 2001

YAY I AM SO HAPPY!! I just got my French grade in my e-mail and it is SO GOOD! Hehe.. I got a 99.5 on the final! That’s 10 pages of writing.. I’m happy I didn’t make so many stupid mistakes.. because I tend to do those.. and we have to write like 2 compositions that were 10 sentences each and everything.. Man, this is so cool! And my class average is 98.17. Yay.. yay. I bet I got the highest grade in the class, but I don’t know about that and I don’t really care. *grins* All that matters is my happiness and academic success!

Okay.. well.. here is another new day. I might compose something again but I’m not too sure. Anyway.. bye.

Saturday, August 18th, 2001


I know that sounds weird, since summer started two months ago for most people. But I have two weeks of no-going-to-schoolness! Today was the French final, and it was so easy.. Yay! And.. yeah! So now I’m free. I bought my summer reading books today, and I’m going to start memorizing my carols.. and everything will be a-ok!

Speaking of a-ok, yesterday we picked up our schedules.. I had none! Because there were conflicting classes so they didn’t make me a schedule so I could get to pick which one to drop. It was a hard decision but I dropped the French. I’m going to take it from a university again, and actually that’s fine with me. Yesterday was stressful though, I’m surprised I didn’t cry.

Then was fun! I went to volleyball with friends and then invited them all to dinner. That’s a milestone in my life, man! For the first time in my life I’ve invited more than one person to my house. In the past 6 years, I’ve probably had a guest 5 or 6 times.. it’s quite sad. But I couldn’t NOT invite them, since I cleaned up my room and all! It felt weird having friends over in my room.. They played with my tablet and looked at everything on the walls, played with toys and stuff.. I laugh when I remember them sitting in the living room couches.. It just feels so weird.. haha.. okay I’m weird.

But things like this make me happy now.. and.. yeah, as I said before, no school.. I’m sorta bummed that I don’t have many classes with people from the group.. although I have two classes with Robert and that rules.

Okay.. that’s all I have to say for now.. bye.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2001

Yes. I got 102 visitors in the past week!! Ok.. see… during the hiatus, my weekly visitor average was somewhere around 60-70.. but as soon as I updated, that weekend I got about 30 visitors per day! YEEHAW! I guess people will be checking in more often now that there is a possibility of my updating. Heck, I check my daily sites every day to see if they’ve updated. So.. “good.. good good..” as my chem teacher would say.. *sniff*

Man. People always pick on how high school students are so irresponsible and everything, but everybody is a slacker! I’m one of two high school students in my French class at the university, and the oldest person is 32, and what pisses me off is that every single day! I walk into class and everybody is doing their homework! It’s so stupid! Even if we have, like, the simplest assignment! I mean.. geez.

Okay.. I was actually going to say that yesterday but I forgot. So I said it today.

Monday, July 30th, 2001

I got back from a sleepover this morning in which I didn’t sleep at all, and slept from 10:30 until 5:00. And now (I know — 4:30 hours later, so sue me.. I really don’t want to do this) I have to write a French composition about a movie we saw last Wednesday (with subtitles, of course). We have to write a review of Jésus de Montréal, which is a really good movie but it doesn’t apply to me.. I don’t know anything about religion or Jesus’ life so I can’t draw parallels from the movie.. which makes the composition really hard to write. I’m probably going to be so off topic that the teacher will think that I didn’t get it.. which is true, but that just sucks. I mean, I get what the movie is about. I just don’t understand just what it’s supposed to symbolize. I’ve read reviews of the movie for the past couple of hours and they draw a lot of parallels, something I really can’t do because I don’t know enough about the subject.

Then I have loads of other French homework. I’m going to bed really late tonight.. It sucks.

I think I’ll write about something irrelevant to religion, like the self-development of Mireille through the movie…. that works, I guess. I hope the teacher doesn’t take off points because I didn’t mention religion. Argh, this sucks.

Thursday, July 26th, 2001

I went to school dressed like a goth today.. 🙂 Hehe! I couldn’t help it! I wanted to wear the tank top that I bought yesterday (from Old Navy!) and I didn’t want to wear jeans under it because that would be too, uh.. simple? Well, the tank top is red white and black, and since I had a black long skirt I had to wear that.. and for a jacket, well, I didn’t have neither a red jacket nor a white jacket, and the denim jacket didn’t really go, so I *had* to wear a black thingy over it! It’s really nice actually, this lacey thing.. hard to describe, but it looks gothic. And, well, black shoes under it, duh.. but it looked pretty.

Yay! I like my hair! Oh and you know what? The French essay *was* due yesterday, so I hope the teacher didn’t get too confused and just assumed that I thought the composition was due on Tuesday, since I didn’t turn in anything yesterday. Oh, and yesterday my chem teacher had cancelled class for a mysterious reason, but we don’t care as long as we get a day off! All evening I felt stressed, like I was supposed to go to a class or something. Staying home doing nothing on a weekday felt like I was ditching class.. I guess I just got accustomed to not having any time on weekdays! I told you I was a nutcase! I used to adjust well to change when I was young.. oh well..

I had a dream!! It was one of those dreams that I like.. the long, cute, sweet ones where my wishes come true!! Those dreams where you wake up and think to yourself, “Damn!” I would have written it in my diary but.. well.. I had school to go to. So I should write it down now, huh.. since I promised myself I would. But dreams like that are cool.. sometimes they help me make decisions, or make something clearer.. *smiles*

French is so silly! “Mangeaient” is pronounced the same way as “mangé.” Haha!!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2001

*reads her French essay for one last time, makes small changes, then prints it*

Haha.. The teacher’s gonna think I’m such a weirdo.. I talk about how I made tv screen cutouts, then sat behind them and made tv shows.. it also talks about how I named every bird that came to my window, and how I talked to them about things, and how I made puppet shows for them.. “Ils étaient mon auditoire!” They were my audience! Haha.. And how I couldn’t sleep at night because my room was right above the garage entrance, so whenever somebody opened the gate it would wake me up. I talked about how I used to surround a corner of my room with chairs and pillows and called it my house. Also, I talked about how I wasn’t really skinny because I ate ice cream every day and always ordered the double cheeseburger menu whenever I went to McDonald’s.. yeah, those weren’t very healthy days. I mentioned my dozens of notebooks that I drew in, and how I aspired to be a famous cartoonist someday. I also said I didn’t have friends, but I could live without friends. Oh how I envy that about my past self now.. I could entertain myself so well that I was independent.. I didn’t need other people to make me feel like I was the most amazing person in the world! Argh.. anyway, that was my essay, pretty much. I hope the teacher likes it, damn it. Wah.

Okay, I gotta do homework now.. Mom getting mad.. gr.. actually, no.. gr me! I gotta stop this stupid computer addiction.

Monday, July 23rd, 2001

Hm, I’m not so good in French as I am in English.. I can write 1141 English words in about half an hour, I think it was, and it took me two and a half hours to write 353 words in French! Grr! This is frustrating.. but I’m having fun amusing myself. Most of the time I just sit here and think.. and whenever I actually think about the topic I’m supposed to think about, I write.

Thursday, July 12th, 2001

I’m soo tired today.. Ugh!! All these people keep calling me all the time! Soha calls me every night anyway, and yesterday Nuruddin called me and we talked for hours! Damn it, I went to bed at 12:30. That ain’t healthy. So tonight, I’m just going to go to sleep as soon as (well.. perhaps an hour or two after) I come from class.

Tomorrow’s going to be a very busy day! I’m gonna get out of the house at 8:00 and come back home at around 7:30 or so! But I like days like that.

Yay!! I got a 5 on my AP Bio exam! I won $2,500! Hehe. Good to know that my first AP class has been a success.. hopefully I’m not traumatized. I hear that the AP Chem test is really hard, though.. I gotta take that next year. I hope I don’t slack off too much.. but, as Mr. Gaida said, I’m a slacker! But.. he says that to everyone. *grin* Even those who aren’t slackers. And that really pisses those people off. Hehe!

Today in the morning my mom and I weren’t really getting along so well, and I come home after class and find an e-card from her! She rules! Yay mom! *big grin*

Ugh… headache! We have TONS of French homework tonight. We haven’t had this much before.. Heck, I usually don’t have this much schoolwork during a regular school day! Hehe.. Oh well. Ooo! We learned past tense in French today! And tomorrow — commands! Yes! This thing is so fast-paced! Yahaha!

Oh man, my mom just brought me the calzone we took home last night, and it’s sooo good! And she also made me ayran.. it’s this drink and there’s yogurt, water, and salt in it. Now that I think about it, the Americans here would probably think it’s weird. But it’s a really common drink in Turkey, it’s almost as common as coke. And now I shall eat.

Monday, July 2nd, 2001

Aw.. my French teacher was so cute today.. she was dressed in all pink! I like her clothes.. and I got a 100% on my first French test! Yippee!

Oh man.. I really gotta study Spanish though.. I remember memorizing 20 different kinds of meat during the year.. now I know how to say pork chops in French but not in Spanish! Grrr… where is that Destinos packet..

Well, let’s not worry about that right now. I don’t eat pork anyway. My mom took me to Souplantation today! Yaay.. believe it or not it’s the first time I went there.. yeah I’m a dork. *grins* Well, there’s a first time for everything!

And I drew today! In class! Woohoo! Don’t worry, I absorb better in class while I’m drawing…. sometimes.. *grin* Anyway, I drew Bianca, Josh and Morgan, and Nex. And they were better than yesterday’s stupid scribblings! Hah!! Could it be… is this the end of the dark tunnel of artistic slumpdom? Or just a flicker of hope until I get shrouded in darkness again? Well, let’s wait and see what happens!

Friday, June 29th, 2001

Woohoo! Emily posted on the new message board! YAY EMILY!!

Anyway, I’m starting to have doubts about this French class.. not because it’s bad or anything, but I think it’s sort of brainwashing me. I guess that’s what taking an intensive course does to ya. No seriously though, it’s starting to piss me off.. now like 25% of my thoughts are in French! Well, okay, maybe less than that, but you get the point.. I always feel like doing the French “r”s and I blurt out random French sentences quite often. It’s even interfering with the Spanish part of my brain. Today I tried so hard to think in Spanish, but I couldn’t because stupid French words infiltrated into that section of my brain.. damn it! Must practice Spanish!! The French teacher is brainwashing me. I hear her voice in my head 30% of the time, and my own voice speaking in French 20% of the time. Then for the other 20% of the time I hear my chemistry teacher. Aww.. Man, what cute people!

Well.. I won’t be bloggin for a while or having any contact with the computer whatsoever until Sunday afternoon, so I guess this will be my last blog post for now. I’ll see you all later.

And to all my friends.. I love all of you! (Sorry.. it’s just.. while saving those old message board entries.. warm fuzzy feelings resurfaced from my heart hardened with pain and stress..!! *sob* Just kidding. God, I’ve been such a drama queen lately.)