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Friday, February 15th, 2002

I looked at imood’s main page today, and apparently the most used mood today was “loved.” Aww, how cute. I looked at the chart that showed the breakdown of every mood, and it was sad that although most people had positive moods, there were quite a few who’d chosen “depressed,” “hurt,” “sad,” “heartbroken,” etc. I also liked “confused.” Hehe. Those people were probably ones that received unexpected love confessions. How fun!!

Today, while my dad was hugging me, out of a lack of things to say, he said I looked like a Spanish matador, dressed up in all red. Then he started to laugh hysterically. He bought us a big bouquet of roses today, and it’s so pretty. Dinner was cute, we all ate Chinese with the huge bouquet in front of us, and we were all wearing red, teehee. I am so stuffed, though! Ugh!

Have you ever hated someone so much that it made you cry? Haha, don’t worry, I’m not talking about any event in particular.. I think it’s happened to me before, though. Just a thought.

I’m going to bed early today! Yeah!

The information sheet we got about All-State is sort of funny in this one part.. we’ll be staying at a hotel with three other choir roommates for three days, so they probably figured it would be nice to add this:

PERSONAL HYGIENE – Rehearsals, performances, and housing are in close quarters with others. DO wear deodorant. DO NOT wear cologne or perfume.


Café Samo is tomorrow! Last night! Everybody come if you haven’t already! (Aimee and I are, of course, going to see it for the second time because we’re crazy and obsessed.) *wonders if she should bring a camera this time*

Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

Hi. Life has changed overnight (literally!) for me! I guess it’s a good change. My parents finally had it with me and my dad deleted AIM off my computer forever! I’m glad somebody broke the cycle, because I just couldn’t get myself to. I’m not too traumatized about it now, since I’d been getting myself used to the idea that being online sucks and is depressing anyway. So not only that, but I also downloaded new software so I’ll become a whole new person! Hah! Cuz Netscape decided to freak out on me too.. So I installed Eudora and downloaded this new web browser named iCab, but damn it, it’s driving me friggin insane! It is SO SLOW.. and it’s supposed to be “super fast”.. gr. Where do I find these silly things. But now I feel bad cuz I don’t want to throw it out because it’s cute and user friendly and has such cute settings. We’ll see how it goes. If it loads one webpage in 10 minutes like it did today, I am definitely not keeping it, mon.

Other than that, our first Jazz Choir rehearsal was today after school! It was very exciting! We didn’t get new music yet (we will next Wednesday) but we got in a big circle and sang improvisations! At first I was freaked out about it, I was like “omg vat ze hell I’ve never done that before and people are gonna laugh at me because mine will be just a stupid little melody-like thing and it won’t even sound like jazz!” but it turned out not-so-bad. The people there are amazing, though.. and it’s such a small class that the teacher already knows our names. 🙂 It’s such a warm and comfortable atmosphere. And guess what, it’s a college course!

Haha, and Zack, Jesse’s little brother, is soo funny. “I don’t know what my future goals are.. I’m struggling with puberty right now as it is.” Haha! Emil calls him “young’un” and random people yell out, “Kill the freshman!” when he makes obnoxious comments. *grin*

I had no homework tonight, how amazing is that? I know. I’m going to bed early though, I woke up at 3:30 and the sad part is that the teacher didn’t even collect the English. But look on the bright side — I didn’t have to do anything tonight!

So I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Life rules! 😀 (Hah, let’s hear you say that on Valentine’s Day, Melike.)

J/k… It won’t be that bad. I don’t know what I’m going to feel this year. I guess we’ll just see!

Sunday, February 10th, 2002

I just got back from seeing A Beautiful Mind with my parents. I loved it a lot. The roommate was cute. And Alicia (I think was her name.. heh) was sooo pretty.

Now I’m back home and apparently the only one online. It’s so funny. Whenever I stay up this late, somebody always stays up with me to chat. Now nobody’s on, as if people actually stay on because they want to talk to me. Amazing. 🙂

Tomorrow will be homework day. Grrr. It’s sad, because I was planning on doing homework in the morning today. Yeah, right. *looks at her to-do list and sighs*

Say, now.. does something flash on the top right of my screen once in a while (I see it out of the corner of my eye) or is it just me? I think I need to sleep now.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2002

Ew… so, for some unexpected reason, I am getting either 0, 1, or 2 hits a day (on my site, not this blog.. I wish I’d put a counter at the beginning but now it’s too late) but I got 19 hits on the day after I updated. It’s all those people on my mailing list! They rush to see the updates whenever they get that mail! I should just kick everyone off the mailing list so they’ll come check every single day to see if I’ve updated! Well, whatever.

Blogger’s still down.. so in a sense I’m actually rambling on to myself again. I’d better do homework.. Frasier’s on tonight. Last night it was so embarrassing.. I went straight to the living room at 9:00 exactly and grabbed the remote and told my parents to stop talking, and we were watching commercials when this random show came up, and I was like, “What IS this??!” and my parents reminded me that it was Monday, not Tuesday. I walked back into my room while my parents were laughing at me. *sniff*

Saturday, January 5th, 2002

Hey, I updated. I’m going to change this blog layout soon.. very soon.. okay??

Turkey was very nice. I gained 4 lbs in just nine days. I wish I could lose that much in that amount of time!! But people would say it’d be unhealthy. I went to three concerts, two of which were of Fazil Say, a very famous Turkish pianist.. he’s known worldwide. Wow, the guy’s a genius! I bought all of his CDs.. there are four of them, hehe. And I got one for my piano teacher.. I hope she likes it! We also went to a play and stuff… it was funny. 🙂

I was so sad because it didn’t snow at all while I was there! But then a miracle happened… when I woke up the day before we were leaving, I looked out the window and everything was white! I WAS SO HAPPY! My mom took pictures of me in the snow, and we were shopping for 6 hours that day! I bought lots of new clothes.. and colored socks! Nobody can beat me at matching clothes now! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

I also met up with my friends there twice. It was quite fun. We reminisced about old times and then talked about guys. 😉 Yay guys!

I also saw a bunch of dreams.. some consisted of choir. I had a choir nightmare where I’d forgotten my concert shoes, I lost my balance on the risers and dropped all of my music on the girl in front of me. It was so embarrassing.

I’m glad I came back, though.. I missed all my friends. *sob* I LOVE YOU ALL! *gives you all big huggles*

There is also a big dilemma going on these days that’s pissing me off. Grr! Pissed is me. See? I’m mad. Gr.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. I haven’t done any homework yet so I’m gonna do that all day today and tomorrow. So talk to you later, bye!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2001

Grr!! I’m so pissed! I came home to find out that my dad downgraded my Netscape for no reason whatsoever! Now I can’t check my mail or do anything! I bet he did it because the computer crashes whenever he uses it, but he uses Explorer anyway.. BESIDES.. It doesn’t crash when I use it! How selfish and utterly senseless! I’m so angry right now. I refuse to give in — I’m re-installing it. *gr*

Monday, November 12th, 2001

Today is a pretty nice day, despite the fact that I still have a good 600 pages to read. I woke up to the news of rain and was very happy. Chatted on the phone for a while, then started reading. Then, my mom wanted to drive around in the rain for a while, so we went, but the rain stopped as soon as we got out of the house. We insistently drove around until it started to drizzle lightly, then we gave up and went back home. I’ve been reading ever since.. Well, at one point I had a wild craving for hard boiled potatoes, so my mom and I shared 7 potatoes and put ketchup, mayonnaise, and cheese on them.. yum. Now I feel bloated.

Speaking of bloated, I love the new faces they’ve put on imood. I open to the imood page frequently just to stare at the pretty little faces and yearn to use them.. but I don’t like changing my mood so often. Once a day is enough. I think I’m addicted though, and it’s such a time waster when I have reading to do. I mean…. actually, imood is pretty stupid. What, you announce to the world that you’re sad, hoping that people will call you right away and ask you what’s wrong? Or, say you’re happy and giddily wait there for someone to ask you why? *rolls eyes* Puh-leez. I just like the purdylicious faces and the vast ever-growing list of moods.

Okay, enough fooling around. I might change this layout in a week.. I have an idea. *grin*

Thursday, October 4th, 2001

Aww! My grandparents just called! My grandpa sang happy birthday to me over the phone! This is so cute!! AWWW!

Anyway, only 40 minutes until the end of my birthday.. aw! Boo. But anyway, yeah. Back to homework. *grin* I’m such a dork.

Thursday, August 30th, 2001

So today my mom and I finally hung up the stuff I’d bought on Monday.. Yeah, if I said I was the motivated type, I’d be lying. So.. People are coming over at 6:00 and I need to practice my piano until then.. Yay. Nothing else to say, except that Jocelyn sleeps over tonight.. Woohoo! It’s her first time.. *grins*

Thursday, August 16th, 2001

Today was slightly different than all the other days…

First of all… I cleaned my room!! .. for the second time in my whole entire life. Man! It looks so good! And I decorated it some more.. with more animal postcards because I was too lazy to put them all up when I first cleaned my room. Anyway.. it looks more perfect than before now! I better invite some people over before I mess it up again.

I downloaded Snood! A lot of my friends have it.. and they all said it was addicting.. It was my mistake, I never should have downloaded it! It’s a fun game but really depressing when you don’t win.. Hehe.. Anyway, grr.. this isn’t good.. Summer school ends on Friday and I’ll have nothing to do for two weeks.. well.. summer reading and music memorizing, but you know, besides that! The bad part is it’s so colorful so it makes my head hurt.. and that’s not good.

Okay, so I cleaned my room because we had guests over tonight.. our house was so messy but my mom made it all perfect today and I almost thought she wasn’t going to. She even cooked until 3 am last night.. geez! So.. the whole house was immaculate.. except for one small thing — the kitchen sink was clogged. Then the guests came, with 2 little kids… I hate kids! They came into my room and touched all my stuff and didn’t like my mom’s delicious food! Then, they spilled nailpolish on my carpet.. dark blue.. eww.. I tried cleaning it off with nailpolish remover and got most of it out.. so now what’s left is a light blue blob.. but that’s okay I guess. I hate the carpet anyway, it’s an ugly shade of beige. We found baby powder for the little 5 year old boy because he kept scratching his crotch.. he said it itched. It was… sad. Anyway, while all this was all happening in my unfortunate room, a plumber came in and noisily did his job while the guests were still there.. It was sort of.. funny in a sad way.. I mean it was supposed to be a perfect night, but the plumber there in the middle of the kitchen sort of ruined the scene. Ack. Well.. I’m glad it’s over with. I had to babysit because the kids wouldn’t stop talking to me.

Anyway, that’s over and I’m sleepy.. but I don’t wanna go.. but I have to.. grr.. so bye. *sniff*