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Self-regulatory dreams

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Earlier this week, I dreamt that I chose to ditch a field trip at work to visit a compressor repair facility (which actually existed in real life) to attend a composition seminar (which my dream world made up for me). I felt a bit guilty about the whole ordeal, because I neglected to notify the organizer of the compressor facility visit, and I didn’t have his cell phone number. The seminar itself was mildly intriguing, but I was yawning and mildly distracted. I felt a pang of guilt and regret that I chose it over the compressor shop, and felt that the compressor shop would have been more educational and satisfying.

This is an interesting dream following a frustrating weekend where I mourned my lack of time to focus more on music. The frustration was so intense that the other part of me said, “You care about engineering, too — ADMIT IT.” The dream was nicely timed, as it was quite a busy week at work this week, and the dream provided an inspirational boost.

Sunday, December 4th, 2005

This morning, I was awake but I hadn’t opened my eyes yet. I dreamt that a friend told me, “Open your eyes and see what’s outside.” When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was snowing.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Today in Japanese class, the teacher was asking us what our plans were for Thanksgiving. One girl said, “I’m going back home to California,” and I thought, “Man, I wish I could go home.”
I always thought going home for Thanksgiving would be out of the question, because you spend 12 hours traveling on a four-day weekend. But right then, I thought, “why not. *sigh* Maybe I’ll go home next year.”
Then, Spencer said, “I was planning on going to New York, but I changed my mind and got plane tickets to California last night.” And that inspired me. I called my mom right after the class ended, and asked her to look up tickets. My dad used his frequent flyer miles and got me plane tickets for $65 for TOMORROW. Dude. I leave Wednesday and get back Saturday.
I thought it was appropriate, because I’m mentally tired. In addition, I’ve been dreaming about my parents for the past week (scary, I know), and I miss my real close friends back home. I also miss my room and (I hate to admit it) the sunny California weather. (Don’t worry, I still love the snow.) It seems like I get more and more homesick throughout the years.

Monday, April 5th, 2004

Last night, I dreamt that I was going into a restaurant and licking my lips, and at the same time a hot (and smart) Asian guy was walking out the restaurant and I made eye contact with him. He thought I was flirting with him, so he licked his lips too and asked me out to lunch. I was sooo happy, even though he told me to get something under $5 because that was all he had. It was okay though because I just ate some fries and a hot dog bun.

Monday, March 29th, 2004

I dreamt that I called one of my friends stupid, and she flipped. She started crying and walked away, and I felt kinda bad. I was walking around the MIT campus, but it wasn’t really the MIT campus, just some generic campus. It was the first day of Spring Break, and I saw Klara walking towards the T station carrying 5 pieces of luggage. I think later on I went to visit my old high school and gave people advice about colleges.

I got a free tote bag from subscribing to Jane magazine! It’s black, thin, very sleek, and looks sturdy. It’s just the right size for my laptop. I’d expected it to be a piece of crap. I was wrong.


Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

Last night I dreamt that I had a pop quiz in 10.10 (intro to chemical engineering). It was an open-notes quiz, but I had left my old notes in my room, thinking that I wouldn’t need them. Everyone else had their notes and they aced the quiz, while I was trying to think of the answers. I occasionally forgot that I was supposed to be taking a quiz, and got up and started eating a cupcake.

Today, besides going out with Christa, I spent hours trying to put a commenting system on the Turkish version of my site. I know it makes me look like a stupid dork, but first I tried to use those cgi scripts that you customize yourself, but I couldn’t figure out where the Perl script was supposed to go, and got all pissed off and stuff. Then I worked on the cascading style sheet for the one I decided to use. I don’t know, I have a huge headache and it took me longer than it should have.

So much for working on other stuff today! My hours were wasted.


Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Ugh… I had a pretty scary dream! I dreamt that Aimee started smoking, and then Jocelyn started too. I couldn’t understand why they’d do that. One day, they were over at my place, and Aimee wanted to use the bathroom to “do something.” I was talking to Jocelyn. It was her third day of smoking, and that day she’d smoked 21 cigarettes! I was so confused and enraged and didn’t know what to say. Jocelyn was about to go on a long trip in rainy weather in her car by herself, but instead of bidding her farewell, I kept yelling at her. I tried to make her stop, but all she said was, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll stop if I want to,” which I didn’t buy at all.

So Jocelyn left and Aimee was still in the bathroom. I’d assumed that she’d gone in there to smoke, but she hadn’t come out for a long time. I put my ear against the door and couldn’t hear anything. I started wondering whether she had committed suicide and got extremely worried and panicked, but just then I heard her move inside, so I went to the kitchen to get a cup of water. When I came back, I saw that Aimee had made me a present.

I told Aimee about how Jocelyn had smoked 21 cigarettes that day, and we were talking about how worrisome that was. Then we laughed at a pamphlet and heard on the radio that there were rabid guinea pigs out on the loose.

That’s it. Ew, it was one of those dreams where you wake up feeling horrible.


Monday, January 12th, 2004

I dreamt that a pigeon accidentally poked its eye out when it turned on the shower and the showerhead was on the massage setting. It was sooo sad I was about to cry.

I also dreamt that Broodstar was dead. I dreamt a lot of things, but not all of them were bad. For example, I was swimming in the ocean. And at one point I was flying over the ocean and saw a shark and an alligator. I also dreamt that two families were having a duel.. and Cassie tried to climb onto the roof to watch it better. One girl died.. Sally was carrying her already cremated remains in a guitar case.

Yeah but that’s not all. Who cares.

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Aimee: Melike, I had a dream I kissed Zach last night.

Melike: Well, I had a dream that Michael Jackson touched my boobs.


Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

Damn, the chem final was intense. I’m done with finals!

Dude, it’s been two days since the physics final and I’m still having dreams about it. Last night I dreamt that all physics students were on a boat, and I was looking up at the moon when the boat started rocking. I didn’t think much of it until it started rocking really hard and I had to hold onto the bars. Everyone else was screaming and falling, etc. Then the boat randomly started speeding up and started going around in a circle. I thought, “Hey, this is uniform circular motion,” and pointed to the center of the circle (while holding onto something) and yelled, “a = v^2/r!” (formula for centripetal acceleration). Then the boat suddenly docked and we all flew off the boat and we were all ok. Apparently this was the end of the physics class, and the last time I’d see my professor, so while everyone was walking away from the boat, I turned to it and yelled, “F*CK YOU, [professor’s name]!!!” Then I realized that he was stepping out of the boat as I was saying this, but good thing he didn’t hear me.

Okay, I’m ripping the cables off this computer now and packing it in my bag, or else I’ll never finish packing up in 2 hours!