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Victoria Crowned Pigeon sighting

Monday, June 28th, 2010

I was in Hong Kong last week. More on that later. Unexpectedly, one of the highlights of my trip was visiting the aviary in Kowloon Park. I finally saw a Victoria Crowned Pigeon in person.

I’d wanted to see a Victoria crowned pigeon ever since I saw a picture of one in an encyclopedia back when I was nine or ten years old. I was doing “research” for a two-page comic about a mourning dove teaching a classroom full of young mourning doves about pigeon and dove ancestry and the many kinds of doves that exist today. You can see that my unusual fascination with doves began at an early age. The comic is more pedagogical than entertaining, but what can I say…. I was a nerd.

(click to enlarge)

Sadly, I couldn’t get a good picture of the creature in the aviary. The photo above is taken from Extraordinary Pigeons by Stephen Green-Armytage.

read and learn…

Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Let me tell you what I did today. I feel like typing it out because I had a good day:

I woke up around 11:30, didn’t get up until noon. Without touching the computer, I got dressed and went to the student center. It was the busiest I’d ever seen it. That’s where I heard that MIT was closed today. That would probably explain the wide range of ages of people who were there eating. I got myself a jalapeño bagel with artichoke-parmesan spread on it. I also got a smoothie of bananas, peaches, and strawberries. Then I sat in the 2nd floor lounge of the student center eating while looking at Young and Restless, because that’s what the channel was turned to. After I finished eating, I checked my mail and went back to the 2nd floor lounge. I sketched a page and a half of my comic, which took three hours. I was sick of it by the end. During this time, somebody switched the channel to CNN. A guy in Glendale parked an SUV on some train tracks, but at the last moment decided not to commit suicide and got out of the car. This caused the train to derail and 10 people died. Somebody was being unruly in an airplane, so the flight attendants restrained him with duct tape. A girl in England had to pay a 10,000 pound fine for not paying the 30 pound fine for eating an apple while driving. An old man sat next to me. He was watching the TV, but I think he was softly talking to himself. So I went back to my room at around 4:30. At 6:00 I went to watch an autonomous robotics competition. Here at MIT, we call it 6.270. But I guess the rest of the world thinks it’s weird that every class and activity title is either an acronym or a bunch of numbers. I had gone because Ron Ron, a floormate from last year, was in one of the teams, and what do you know? His team won! I was so happy for him. Zach joined me after his robot lost during the 1st round. The competition ended at 10:00. Then Zach and I got subs, sour cream and cheddar chips, and ate them in the student center. We hung out until around midnight. I bought some grapes. Then I got home. Then Jonathan came and we played with Dragon (the hamster). I set up some interviews for SaveTFP member candidates… we really need new members. I answered a question somebody sent about the comic. Basically, it was asking if Bianca is single right now (or at least if she has a crush on anyone). As far as I know, no. You probably think I’m a freak because I’m not giving a definite answer, but Bianca’s pretty unpredictable. Anyway, I’m going to bed now. That was my day.

Wow, sorry. If I had known it would be this long, I wouldn’t have it all in one huge paragraph. Hah! Too lazy to go back and edit! So there!

comic quiz

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Hi. I spent all day making quizzes today. If you want to promote my comic, all you have to do is take it and post your results on your own blog. But whatever! You could just take the quiz and let that be the end of that.

Here are my results:

You scored as Bianca. People don’t like Bianca since she does whatever she damn pleases — they’re all gonna die someday anyway. She’s really nice to her close friends, though. She likes fashion, a luxurious lifestyle, living life to its fullest, and laughing.

Read the comic, then take the quiz!


Which LUB character are you most like?
created with

You could also consider commenting on this post and telling me your results. 🙂

Ugh! I had to tweak it a little because everyone was getting TG. Haha. Anyway.

comic is up

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Hey, I FINALLY PUT UP THE COMIC WEBSITE. I am officially opening it to the public. [link no longer works for now]

As you can see, there are 9 new pages. I worked on the last 4 pages today (inked them and shaded them in), and it was a pain in the neck. Drawing rain over and over again is annoying, but it’s okay because it’s rain.

By the way, you are ENCOURAGED to write questions via the q&a page! They can be about anything. Whoa! I’ve been working on this all day. I feel kinda empty now, but very giddy.

I’ll try and find ways of advertising my comic tomorrow… for now, I’ll just spam my mailing list and go to bed.

it’s coming

Monday, January 24th, 2005

These past few days, I’ve been obsessively thinking about the new website I’m making for the comic. I’m extremely excited. Actually, I think I’m spending more time obsessing over it than actually doing something about it.

Well, today I’m going to sit in my room all day and work on my comic. I’m also going to finish up The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’ve come so close to the end that I feel like I shouldn’t be working on the comic until I finish the book. I think I’ll read it while I’m taking a break so that the graphite on my hands goes away. If I work on the comic too much, all the pages get smeared…

Yesterday, Jonathan, Dan, and I went to the Magic: the Gathering prerelease. We were almost thinking of not going because of the huge blizzard. It snowed two feet yesterday, so naturally, there wasn’t a big turnout. In fact, there were no cars so we just walked down the empty roads. We had gone there to play a team game, but we had to wait from 11:15 until about 6 in the evening for four teams of 3 to sign up. Then, we only played two rounds and placed 2nd place. We were so close to winning, too! So anyway, at least I’d brought a book. That’s why I read over half of it yesterday. Now I feel like I need to finish it.

I’d also brought my comic along to work on it, too, but I’m always too shy to work on it in public. I always bring it along with me anywhere I go. You never know when inspiration will hit!

comicky stuff

Saturday, January 22nd, 2005

So, hmmm, I haven’t worked on my comic for two weeks! This is not a lovely thing at all.

However, I think I’m getting a slight inspiration to work on it again. In fact, I’m making a separate website for it! I made a new design just now. It looks girlier than I had intended it to be, but I like it. It’s so simple and chic!

Well, I’ll stop teasing you. I’ll try to put it up as soon as possible, along with the new pages I drew. I’m considering waiting until the end of vacation to disclose it to the public, but I doubt I’ll have the patience to wait for that long. All I know is that I’m really busy this weekend with other stuff, so just wait for a couple more days, k?

Anyway, by making this comic go public, I will have inched closer and closer to my ultimate goal of… FAME! I tremble with glee.

Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a fascination with the mundane. I would sit in a room and write every single thing that happened around me. I did it again a few days ago. Excerpt: “My uncle got up. He got a cup and put some ice in it. Then, he filled the cup with water. He is now drinking the water.” (This is in Turkish, of course. There are some things that I can only do in Turkish, and others only in English. Like I write all my comics in English.) It was my primitive way of videotaping a moment. I liked it; it was relaxing. People thought I was weird or a genius, or both.

Whatever the reason was, I’m very glad I used to write a lot. It keeps me in touch with my inner child. I have a lot to learn from my childhood creations. Back then, a large bulk of my writing (not comics, of course) were very concrete. Things that happened. Funny things, interesting things, uninteresting things. Nowadays, whenever I sit down to write in a notebook, I pretty much write about how much work I have, how stressed I am, how I’m not doing any work and how bad I feel about that. And it’s boring. I don’t want to read that crap.

My comics, on the other hand, were balls of tangled up emotions. I want to regress back to childhood. Not entirely, of course. I’d be pretty stupid and extremely naïve.

Hey, I’m almost done sketching the 14th page of my comic. I guess my goal of 20 by the end of January is going to be easy. I’ll try to shoot for 40, though that’s gonna be kind of hard.

my purpose in life

Monday, December 27th, 2004

I’ve been going crazy with the comic for the past few days. I’m already working on page 11! Hopefully I’ll have a lot of pages to put up by the end of January. You’ll have to wait!

You may be disappointed, because that’s only an additional 5 pages so far, but it takes me so long to draw. But before drawing, it also takes me time to plan out. And, since I haven’t been drawing regularly for years, I keep having to erase and redraw things. But you don’t understand the state of euphoria I’m in. I feel like this is my calling, my purpose in life. Seriously.

These past few days, in addition to drawing, I’ve been studying the old comics I drew in middle school. What I’m doing with this new comic is taking the same people, personalities, and ideas, and putting them in a more rational but complex (hmm, sounds like numbers!!) framework, and hopefully succeeding. In short, mine is a project that started way back in 7th grade.

Besides studying, planning out, and drawing, I’ve been sharing my enthusiasm and ideas with people. I feed on their interest and curiosity. Finally, some long-awaited motivation!

I really hope I don’t fail this time, like all the other times.

Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

After a whole week of being lazy, I finally started drawing some pages for my comic. I wish it wouldn’t be so slow, but I like the results. I had sketched about two pages during the fall semester. Last night I sketched an additional page, and inked and shaded one of the pages. Hopefully I’ll pick up the speed and draw many more. I’m thinking of putting them up all at once at the end of January, so it’ll look like I did a lot of work. Of course, reading it all will take around 10 minutes at the most. Oh well, at least it looks pretty.

comic is up

Monday, August 23rd, 2004

As I’ve mentioned before, I started a comic last week. It’s only been 5 pages and kind of unclear so far, but I wanted to put it up anyway. Maybe it’ll motivate me to draw more. I hope it flies.

I’ve been spending the last six or so years of my life nagging at myself to draw a comic. I’ve started a few before, but the longest was about 51.5 pages before I quit. Maybe you don’t quite understand this, but I feel like I have to draw comics in order to feel like I exist.

I have other plans for this website, but only less than two weeks before I go back to school. I hope I can kill my urge to sit at the computer all day, because then I wouldn’t be able to see my friends before I go away.