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Friday, July 23rd, 2004

I felt like writing an e-mail to the math TA I had last semester, so I wrote this:

你好 Alan!

我现在学习汉语。汉语很有意思, 可是有点儿难。我星期一到五从十二点半到三点半上课。今年你去中国吗?我八月去土耳其。你的中国名字是什么?(and how do you pronounce it?) 你的头发还很长吗?^_~

ok, I guess you could try answering but I probably won’t understand parts of it. haha.

Hope your summer’s going well,


translation (hopefully it’s right):

Hi Alan!

I am studying Chinese right now. Chinese is interesting, but a little hard. I go to class Monday thru Friday, from 12:30 to 3:30. Are you going to China this summer? I’m going to Turkey in August. What is your Chinese name (and how do you pronounce it)? Is your hair still long? ^_~

etc. etc. Haha, I’m not too sure about the “chinese name” sentence, but I’m pretty certain that the rest are right.

It’s kind of depressing, because I wrote four or five sentences in Chinese but they only took up a little more than a line. Chinese text is so compact.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

I think my Chinese teacher likes me too much. On the tests, he marks my mistakes but doesn’t take off points, so I’ve been getting 100s on all of them. I guess I made a really good first impression. That’s my tactic so that near the end of the semester, when I start slacking off, the teacher likes me so much that he doesn’t notice (or care).

Last night, Lawson, Kat (Lawson’s girlfriend) and I went to eat crèpes. We were sitting at a table outside, when this guy came up to us and said, “excuse me, which one of you girls isn’t dating this guy?” I said, “Uh.. me..” and he asked me my name, and I told him I already had a boyfriend, so he apologized and left. Afterwards, the three of us had a discussion on what the best comeback could have been. We were satisfied with this one:

me and Kat: We’re dating each other.

Lawson: … but I’m single!

So next time something like this happens, we’re prepared for it.


Sunday, July 4th, 2004

Today let me introduce to you two of my favorite Chinese characters:

The first one is fei:

It means “to fly”, and the character is a bird. This is the simplified version. The traditional version has two birds in it (and looks more complicated). Sadly, I don’t know how to write it on the computer (or on paper; in class we’re only learning simplified Chinese), but take my word for it; it looks really cool.

The other one is nin, which is the formal “you”:

I like the character because it is a combination of “ni” (你), which is the informal “you”. The 心 underneath is the radical for “heart.” I think it’s cute. 😛

Enough Chinese lecture for now.

Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Last night I figured out how to write Chinese on my computer. It’s actually quite amazing. I wish I knew more things to say so I’d write paragraphs.

现在二十三点五分。 (Right now it’s 11:05 pm.)

My goal is to learn Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu this summer. I’ve been practicing a bit, but I need to practice a whole lot more. So it should follow that I’m going to increase my practice times, hopefully.

Chinese 1

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

Today I started taking Chinese classes at the local community college. It’s 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The teacher’s rather funny and Chinese is interesting. We spent the first day learning how to say pretty much all the possible syllables. There are about 400 syllables and 4 different intonations for each syllable. But that’s nothing, the Cantonese dialect has 11! I can’t even begin to understand that.

We didn’t even learn how to say “Hi” or “What is your name?” Hopefully we’ll be learning that tomorrow.


Sunday, March 14th, 2004

The reason I haven’t been posting here for days is because I haven’t been in my room most of the time.

Yesterday was kind of fun. For lunch, a group of us went to Anna’s Taquer�a (it’s a big thing around here) in Davis Square, then went candlepin bowling. It’s like regular bowling, but the balls are smaller and the pins are cylindrical (they’re not wider in the bottom). I thought it was easier than regular bowling.. I suck at regular bowling. My first game I scored a 68 and won, but in the second game I performed embarrassingly poorly. Oh well, it was really fun.

Then at night, Cindy’s sorority was hosting a fondue event that featured Resonance (an MIT a cappella group) and a local acoustic band. I walked around, eating cheese and crackers, grapes, cookies, and chocolate. Oh, and I got to dress up. I looked nice! I think more people know me than I think.

I have most of my fun when I go to Next House. I have more friends on Jonathan’s floor than I do on my own floor. For some reason I couldn’t really connect at all with people on my own floor. Maybe it’s the suite system? Jonathan’s floor rocks. People all get together and do math homework together, play poker, or just hang out and do random stuff. I want to live there.. :\ But I think the reason why I’m lonely in Burton-Conner is because my suite only has three people in it. I heard that larger suites with 6-8 people are more fun and social. Next year I’m definitely going to try and get into a larger suite, and maybe on a different floor.

Last night I learned how to say chicken, fried rice, August, egg, hello, and good night in Chinese. I learned how to say “thank you” and “goodbye” too, but those don’t count because I don’t know if I can say those right yet. I learned how to write hello, too. I can also say, “I am a chicken.” Well, it started out as learning how to say “I am Melike,” but I wanted to incorporate some of the vocab I’d learned. It’s soo hard though. I agonized over just a few syllables for an hour. It is so easy to accidentally say “breakfast” instead of “fried rice.” I want to learn Chinese. No, I’m serious. I’m seriously thinking of taking a summer class or taking Chinese 1 next semester. aldkfjadl;fhja!!