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2008 remnants

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

I put up everything I drew in the past year. Only 6 pieces! Of course, the quality of the drawings would have been better if I didn’t draw so sporadically.

drawings from 2007 so far

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Tonight I put up drawings I’ve done this year.

My inspiration for drawing has been mostly dormant since 2001 as you might have noticed. What little inspiration I now have left seems to be dwindling. I’m tired of drawing cat people or girls, but there isn’t anything else that comes to mind. As a result, I haven’t been drawing much. I’m not sure how I can overcome this problem. I’ve even thought of quitting, so that I would stop worrying about this whole thing. However, something tells me that that would probably be the worst solution there is.

Without further ado, here are the new drawings:

I’m pretty sure that I’ll get back into drawing someday.

falling behind

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

I drew Bianca about two weeks ago. You may click on the thumbnail to see the picture in its entirety. I think it’s a very good representation of her.

I look at some of the things I’ve drawn four or five years ago, and I’m surprised by how good I used to be. Sometimes I feel bad that between science and music, I haven’t had the chance to foster that side of me anymore. I remember the days when any day in which I didn’t draw something new was a failure. Now, I’m lucky if I draw something once a month. And to think that I always thought I’d become a comic artist.

I think I could have been very good at drawing right now had I practiced more.┬áThis is why I feel like I’ve fallen very behind artistically, but I should remind myself that it’s not too late to work on it. Just, I doubt I’ll have time for it anytime soon, unless I drastically change my lifestyle.

Bianca fandom

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

I had a brilliant idea yesterday. I want to make a website dedicated solely to my character Bianca. I’ve had her since I was 10, and she’s been a villain in every one of my comics since. I love her so much that I’d like to make her as close to coming alive as possible. I’m already working on the chatting simulation of her (though I haven’t had any time this semester to work on it). I also want to collect drawings of Bianca made by other artists. This is a project that I might tackle over the summer.
For now, I gave Bianca her own MySpace profile. If you’re a fan of Bianca, add her as your friend! Spread the Bianca fame!

happy birthday jocelyn

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Now that I’ve given her Jocelyn’s birthday present, I can post it online:

I designed and did the needlepoint while I was in Turkey. I bought a frame for it last week and framed the work last night. She loved it!
Jocelyn’s 20 now.

Friday, May 27th, 2005

I drew a picture of Bianca tonight, on a whim. It didn’t turn out so good. Besides, I hadn’t touched a single marker in the past two years, so I’d forgotten what colors to use and how to hold the marker. Blah, what blah! Maybe I’ll draw again later.


Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

I’ve been working on a chatbot version of Bianca that you can talk with. It’s going to be released to the public tomorrow, along with the new comic pages!

read and learn…

Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Let me tell you what I did today. I feel like typing it out because I had a good day:

I woke up around 11:30, didn’t get up until noon. Without touching the computer, I got dressed and went to the student center. It was the busiest I’d ever seen it. That’s where I heard that MIT was closed today. That would probably explain the wide range of ages of people who were there eating. I got myself a jalape├▒o bagel with artichoke-parmesan spread on it. I also got a smoothie of bananas, peaches, and strawberries. Then I sat in the 2nd floor lounge of the student center eating while looking at Young and Restless, because that’s what the channel was turned to. After I finished eating, I checked my mail and went back to the 2nd floor lounge. I sketched a page and a half of my comic, which took three hours. I was sick of it by the end. During this time, somebody switched the channel to CNN. A guy in Glendale parked an SUV on some train tracks, but at the last moment decided not to commit suicide and got out of the car. This caused the train to derail and 10 people died. Somebody was being unruly in an airplane, so the flight attendants restrained him with duct tape. A girl in England had to pay a 10,000 pound fine for not paying the 30 pound fine for eating an apple while driving. An old man sat next to me. He was watching the TV, but I think he was softly talking to himself. So I went back to my room at around 4:30. At 6:00 I went to watch an autonomous robotics competition. Here at MIT, we call it 6.270. But I guess the rest of the world thinks it’s weird that every class and activity title is either an acronym or a bunch of numbers. I had gone because Ron Ron, a floormate from last year, was in one of the teams, and what do you know? His team won! I was so happy for him. Zach joined me after his robot lost during the 1st round. The competition ended at 10:00. Then Zach and I got subs, sour cream and cheddar chips, and ate them in the student center. We hung out until around midnight. I bought some grapes. Then I got home. Then Jonathan came and we played with Dragon (the hamster). I set up some interviews for SaveTFP member candidates… we really need new members. I answered a question somebody sent about the comic. Basically, it was asking if Bianca is single right now (or at least if she has a crush on anyone). As far as I know, no. You probably think I’m a freak because I’m not giving a definite answer, but Bianca’s pretty unpredictable. Anyway, I’m going to bed now. That was my day.

Wow, sorry. If I had known it would be this long, I wouldn’t have it all in one huge paragraph. Hah! Too lazy to go back and edit! So there!

Thursday, September 26th, 2002

Bianca’s bangs are now long enough to make her look extremely cool. Her hair looks sort of like Ivy’s.. well, just the length. I guess Ivy looks different but she reminds me of Ivy (anyone play Soul Calibur?). But the rest of her hair is still down to her knees and it’s soo cool. Bianca’s the best.

Sunday, July 28th, 2002

Hahaha. I was looking through a page of sketches I’d done recently and forgotten about, and there’s a crappy sketch of Matt and it says..

me: EW. Wasn’t there a time when Matt looked like a guy?

Bianca: Hm. No.