Sandwich Rant

What the heck is this? I thought I ordered a sandwich, not an overstuffed baguette taco. How am I supposed to eat this? Does the assembler not know the function the bread serves in a sandwich? What is the point of lining up tomatoes and sprinkling lettuce on TOP (i.e. theoretically, THE SIDE) of the sandwich? Wouldn’t it simply fall off as soon as I align the sandwich the proper way by rotating it 90 degrees? Gravity, HELLO. If I ate the sandwich the way it is pictured, the bread would open up and the entire sandwich would roll open as soon as I bit down on it, making it an extremely wide open-faced sandwich. Do they expect me to rotate my head 90 degrees to the side to be able to eat the sandwich and keep it folded? In addition, the bread only covers 2/3 of the circumference of the cross section. Once I bite, it’s all going to burst out the top. Do they expect me to restrain the filling by pressing it down with my hand? What’s the point of having bread, then? Just make it a burrito! I would have liked to go back, give the sandwich back to whoever made it, and make him eat it in front of me. But alas, I ate it all already.

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