Carol of the Bells – v.0

This year I decided to arrange a Christmas carol. My main inspiration was Bill Cutter, our choir director back at MIT, who had his own tradition of arranging a Christmas carol each year. So I rolled up my sleeves and messed around with Carol of the Bells! To spice things up, I wrote it in (mainly) a 19/8 meter, for two voices and piano.

Carol of the Bells (1:51)

Don’t be freaked out by the 19/8 time signature. It’s just 10/8+9/8 put together (with some other meters thrown in occasionally). I’d been meaning to write something in an unconventional meter, but hadn’t really put in the effort. In addition, I hadn’t written a “fast” piece in forever, so this piece presented me with the opportunity to explore both ideas.

It’s my second time arranging a carol – the last time was in 2007, when I arranged Joy to the World in Dorian mode (which I would love to hear performed someday).

I need your help, though; I couldn’t find a good name for it! Should I keep the name as Carol of the Bells or call it something clever?

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  1. […] I’d written this carol back in 2010 for two voices and piano, then arranged it for a 6-part choir the following year. It was so fun to meet the choir and watch them sing. A few came up to me and told me that it challenged them, but that they enjoyed the song. Now I’m all pumped up to write more music! […]

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