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Friday, December 27th, 2013

My tribute to the Oxford 2013 Word of the Year.

Skirt Concept

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

I haven’t drawn anything in over a year, but lately I’ve been having vivid dreams about things that used to inspire me creatively (old notebooks, colored pencils, making electronic music, photography…). While trying to fall asleep last night, this peculiar skirt concept came to mind, and I had to illustrate it. The skirt itself is short in front, longer towards the back, with a cream-colored exterior but a striking red interior color. In the front is a peculiar looking brown folded-over flap of fabric. The two pieces are loosely linked together with two small chains on both sides (would probably make it easier to sit down without exposing too much leg). The waist has a black belt. I drew it with a white shirt to keep it simple and focus on the skirt, but if I were me, I’d probably wear this with my leopard-print shirt.


Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Sometimes, it is best to avoid acting on a strong urge that you know you will regret later. Over the years, I’ve developed these few methods to fight the internal struggle when it becomes especially difficult:
1. Chant, “Self! Re! Straint! Self! Re! Straint!” over and over again (in privacy). It is three beats and a beat of rest. Embellish with rhythmical ornamentations in a beatbox fashion and tribal dance, if desired.
2. Tell a few select friends about the predicament, and encourage them to talk me out of it.
3. Ridicule myself in writing, in a private journal, then laugh at it.
4. Visualize the concept in a drawing, such as the one below:

Before drawing out the concept in my mind, I did a Google Image Search for “self-restraint” to make sure that it wasn’t a blatant copy of someone else’s work. After all, the idea seems so clichĂ©. I liked some of the search results, and was relieved not to find 10 different versions of my drawing. Below are my favorites (linked to their sources):

And my favorite,

The combination of the above “self-therapy” methods allowed me to contain my tumults inside the neatly packaged confines of my SELF. I feel less like an adolescent and more like a grownup now.

I used to draw

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

I was seven years old when we moved from Turkey to the United States. I have only had a few opportunities a year to see our relatives since then. Naturally, they remember the Melike from 18 years ago vividly, and piece their picture of me together with what they’ve observed from our brief encounters since.
One question I get a lot is, “Do you still draw a lot?” It sounds so strange to me now, that I used to draw every day of my life since before I could remember up until the ages of 16-17. The inspiration and number of drawings sharply declined since then, up to the point where I forgot that there was a time when I couldn’t imagine myself not drawing regularly.
I crave playing with shapes and colors from time to time. In the Melike of Now, the thirst for play with colors and forms is mostly quenched by coordinating different outfits every morning. In accordance with the Matchingfreak philosophy, no outfit combination is to be repeated, which raises the bar for coming up with creative color, material, and accessory groupings.
Besides clothing, the only other media where I manipulate colors are the Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, and monthly process engineering reports I create at work. Making sure not to waste too much time, I enjoy making the spreadsheets and plots readable and pleasant to the eye…

Looking down – Animated

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Suddenly, he no longer looked like the boy she loved.

I drew this on the plane on my way back from home last night. Today I made an animated gif out of it; et voilĂ !

Purple Bird

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Victoria Crowned Pigeon sighting

Monday, June 28th, 2010

I was in Hong Kong last week. More on that later. Unexpectedly, one of the highlights of my trip was visiting the aviary in Kowloon Park. I finally saw a Victoria Crowned Pigeon in person.

I’d wanted to see a Victoria crowned pigeon ever since I saw a picture of one in an encyclopedia back when I was nine or ten years old. I was doing “research” for a two-page comic about a mourning dove teaching a classroom full of young mourning doves about pigeon and dove ancestry and the many kinds of doves that exist today. You can see that my unusual fascination with doves began at an early age. The comic is more pedagogical than entertaining, but what can I say…. I was a nerd.

(click to enlarge)

Sadly, I couldn’t get a good picture of the creature in the aviary. The photo above is taken from Extraordinary Pigeons by Stephen Green-Armytage.

Good habits lost

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Tonight, I browsed through a few artists’ blogs. This was something I used to do daily in my high school years when I came home from school. Nowadays, that habit seems to have given way to flipping through hundreds of photos of Facebook people I never talk to or whom I’ve never met. The former is undoubtedly better for my soul. I will have to keep that in mind.

This paragraph details my journey: I started at YellowGoat’s blog, which led me to Devon Smith’s Flickr photostream. Somebody who had commented on one of her drawings drew my attention; she has an intriguing minty hair color. I’ve never seen mint green look so natural on a person. After flipping through all of her facebook profile pictures, I realized I was being a little creepy and stepped away momentarily to draw.

Anyway, the drawing is hideous. When I drew the first few lines, I thought it was the ugliest thing ever and wanted to trash it right away. Then, I colored it to see if my mind would change. It is merely a concept, and a start. Or maybe not a start, but a rare, isolated drawing incident.


Monday, December 14th, 2009

“Draw about how something about you changed this week.”

I was very frustrated; I don’t do well with prompts, especially abstract ones. It did get me drawing that evening, though, and I liked that.

Long-lost watercolor pencils

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Sorting through my old drawings over the last weekend reminded me that I used to own a set of watercolor pencils, and that I was slowly figuring out how to use them right. I’d used them back in 2001-2002 and had drawn things such as this and this. They were pretty much perfect for somebody like me, who thinks colored pencils can be a bit dull and rough looking, but is horrible with paints.

I tried my hand at coloring a few things. The first one was a trivial sketch I’d done a few months ago. That one came out bland, and the colors all blended in somehow. A few hours later I drew something else, using more bright colors. In that one I used too much paint, so the depth perception in the hair disappeared once I ran the wet brush over the colors. My next attempt will hopefully lie somewhere in between.