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Please feel free to download and listen at your own leisure. Do give me credit if you are going to use it for something else. I'd recommend headphones for the electronic pieces. I would love to see/hear if you make a recording of any of my scores!

Jetlag20159:56Quiet and delicate ambient piece. Headphones recommended. (read more)
Sirens201113:43Ambient piece made from the ocean and my voice. (read more)
See20103:00Piece I created using various sounds including recorder, piano, violin, voice, printer, etc. (read more)
Synthetic Sky20084:07All the sounds are derived from my voice. (read more)
"Look up and see: The gangster computer god concocted new fake starry sky! With world-wide, completely controlled, deadly, degenerative planet atmosphere for the new world-round translucent exotic gaseous envelope, which the world-wide Communist gangster computer god manipulates through countless exactly positioned satellites, the new fake, phony stars in the synthetic sky." - Francis E. Dec
Weep20077:36Immersive, brassy-sounding ambient piece. Most of the sounds were derived from my voice. (read more)
Waves20075:10The inspiration for the motif was the game of Pong I had on my computer as a child. Thanks to Justin Lo, who let me record him playing the violin.
slurry20072:15Stressful mood.
sweatertangofountain20074:35Eerie, soothing ambient piece.
4200713:21All the sounds were created from scratch using Max patches (noise filtration and FM synthesis).
2.220065:22A collage of feedback noises.
ImpromptuongoingShort piano pieces created and recorded in one sitting each. I started in 2016 and am still adding to this set. (read more)scorevideo
"D"20094:37I wrote this on-and-off over 2007-2009, and re-recorded it in 2016. Score coming soon. (read more)video
Boşluk (for string quartet)20174:15Reworking of an old piece for string quartet for a much different flavor and mood.score
Viola Trio20114:52Short piece for viola, cello, and piano. Recorded by Ryan Leach (piano), Laurel Diskin (viola), Scott Burns (cello). (read more)score
Boşluk20102:47Short piece for two violins and piano. I tried my hand at writing in Locrian mode. Performers: Justin Lo (violin 1), Jennifer Hsiao (violin 2), Andrew Noll (piano). (read more)score
Flute/String Quartet20062:12I wrote this quartet for a class. It's supposed to be a "slow movement" that has an ABA' form; only the AB part is recorded here. (flute: Lori Huberman, violin: Justin Lo, viola: Katie Matlack. Sadly, I don't remember the cellist's name.)
Playing on the Seashore2016~3 minA cappella SSAATTBB piece based on an Isaac Newton quote. This work hasn't been premiered yet; contact me if you'd like to perform it!
Carol of the Bells in 19/8:
- for 2 voices & piano
- for 6-part choir
- for vocal quartet
2010-2015~2 minSeveral arrangements of a favorite Christmas carol that I played with in 19/8 meter (mostly). Let me know if you'd like to take a stab at performing this! (read more) scores:
Diesirase20080:40I harmonized the first 3 lines of the well-known Gregorian chant called Dies Irae, partly as a joke and partly because it got stuck in my head. (read more)score
Dara20061:16This is a simple improvisation I did in about 30-45 minutes.